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Shortly after the Battle of the Bands, a new student arrives at Canterlot High School. Nobody knows her and she's not in a mood to make any friends. On any other school, she'd end up as a loner, but Canterlot High School isn't normal.
Of course, shenanigans are inevitable. Friendship, feelings and magic, whether she likes it or not.

Another EQG self-insert that starts right after "Rainbow Rocks" and moves forward from there. Since the events from the movies and mini-series won't all be included, I'm giving this the AU tag, just in case.
Tagged as "Teen" mostly because of foul language.
"Violence" and "Suicide" only happen in the later chapters, I will give a warning at the beginning of those.

This story is dedicated to a friend I haven't heard of in almost half a year now. I met her while I was in therapy for depression. She wasn't into MLP at all, but we bonded over music we both liked and I showed her some of the stuff I've written before. We even watched a few EQG videos and even if she wasn't ever "into" all this stuff, she felt pretty strongly when I showed her some Anon-A-Miss fics.
Turns out we both had out problems growing up and going to school.

We started talking, making up stories and I wrote some of them down. I made the suggestions to place them into the EGQ world, and Ocean Blues was born.

That was more than a year ago. We kept in touch, even after therapy, thanks to the internet, and we kept writing this "thing" together. Until, almost half a year ago, contact suddenly broke down. Her social media still exists, but there's no reaction. Her phone number won't connect any more. I have no idea what happened to her, and with all that corona and world wide crisis going on, it scares me. I know people sometimes just move on. I know people stop using their social media or change their phone numbers all the time. It still scares me.

So I've decided to publish this. It's not all finished and there will be gaps in the story line, although I've been trying to fill some of them on my own. This story was originally written in German, so the translation might sound weird at some points, please bear with me.
Maybe I will never finish this, but at least I want to post all I have from our work so far. To get it off my chest, and maybe so someone else might find it and get something out of it, even if it's just a chuckle.

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That was more than a year ago. We kept in touch, even after therapy, thanks to the internet, and we kept writing this "thing" together. Until, almost half a year ago, contact suddenly broke down. Her social media still exists, but there's no reaction. Her phone number won't connect any more. I have no idea what happened to her, and with all that corona and world wide crisis going on, it scares me. I know people sometimes just move on. I know people stop using their social media or change their phone numbers all the time. It still scares me.

Well I hope you find out she's OK soon. Please respond to this comment.

Thanks. I really hope so too.

I hope you get in contact with your friend again, and continue this story. I hope things go well for ya chief.

In the description it says that this is another eqg self-insert, is there another? Also, I sorry, but ocean would be getting the hands if that was me.

Thanks, and I will!

Well, you can find a lot of those here on fimfiction in general is what I meant :raritywink:

What parts didn’t happen?

Mostly the end of the chapter.

Okay start. You might wanna look into getting a pre-reader or something. I saw a few spelling mistakes .

It's so frustrating, I've re-read every chapter dozens of times before I posted it, but I still miss some mistakes... sorry for that.
Thanks for the advice.

They mind as well give up, because at this point blue is a lost cause.

Another great chapter, hope to see more soon. Great job.

Not really, its only been 3 chapters. She can have some character development and be friends with people.

Plus, in chapter 2 there was some semblance of her seeing that people werent all that bad there but in this chapter sunset kinda messed that up.

I wouldn’t say it was all her fault.

Me either but she still played a major role in it.

Honestly, I feel like bringing her to the music room and showing her was unnecessary. If she didn’t believe them when they told her, then there’s nothing else for them to do.

I wonder how Blue will react to learning that despite the actions Sunset did, she was forgiven while the sirens weren’t given any forgiveness. Will she say did Sunset was given a chance for being a pony while the Sirens are floating pony mermaids? (That’s how I see the Sirens in their Equestria forms)

Another great chapter, great job.

Sometimes, seeing is believing.

Idk, I guess I was never the type of person to go that far for someone to believe me.

I’m liking this story, tell me, will Blue ask why Sunset and the others are giving her a chance and why didn’t they gave the Dazzlings a chance?

Comment posted by Pete100 deleted Aug 15th, 2020
Comment posted by Pete100 deleted Aug 15th, 2020

Blue jumped up from her chair and shoved Pinkie Pie away from her

I’m sorry, but at that moment someone should have socked her.

Instead, Fluttershy just smiled reassuringly “No pressure at all. We wouldn’t be good friends if we forced you into anything, Ocean Shore.”

Technically, they’re forcing her to accept their help, so does that mean they’re not good friends?

I think because the dazzlings ran away before they could.

No, she won't. The Dazzlings won't be a part of this story, because frankly, we don't know anything about what happened to them between the battle of the bands and their mini-appearance in Backstage Pass.
Even though I have a few personal ideas of that, I don't think Blue would have them. She's very self-centred and "living in the moment" with all positive and negative consequences. Being where she is right now, she's got a lot on her own mind she needs to figure out first.
The Dazzlings are past, so they don't concern her any more, and so it's pointless to ask about them. That's how she would see it. She had to ask about Sunset, because Sunset is going to hang around her now, but she's not going to overthink something she can't change any more and that won't affect her at the moment.

Sorry for that wall of text, but I hope you get where I'm trying to go with this.

Its okay, I only said it because Score did say about Sunset's actions in part 1. I figured someone else would talk about them and imagine her like The Sirens without the mind-control singing and don't want another like them it Sunset. Hey don't make an appearance, just a cameo.

Even social workers would do anything to remove plagues from society. Asshole

Just before she turned off the lights, she checked her phone and smiled when she read the message from Applejack. A whole week of slumber parties to celebrate Sunset’s first Christmas with friends. That sounds fun. Though, it could be annoying spending so much time with everyone for the whole week.

This is where anon-a-miss comes in. Also, the rainbooms are the only group of friends I know that would get detention on purpose just so one of their friends wouldn’t be alone.

The way I see it no one should be getting mad at anyone, because no one in this chapter is innocent.

Nothing, that’s the problem.

Blue jumped forward and grabbed the collar of Rarity’s designer blouse “You didn’t even want to go to her place, instead you ran off. At the hospital, you were more concerned about your sister than about Sunset. You really think I’m going to tell you anything?”

And at that moment I would have to kill blue. And honestly, I don’t blue had the right to talk that much sh*t. And what does she mean by sunset’s fell in? And who else did she know that committed suicide? Also, I’m glad this got updated on my birthday.

Great Chapter and great idea for Blue to tell Twilight that her actions will not make Sunset feel better. The part about taking her back to Equestria I mean

Blue watched from the sideline and some unpleasant memories came back to her mind. Spring looked just the same back then.

What unpleasant memories?

Twilight fixed each of the girls with her eyes, and none of them could hold her gaze for longer than a second.

Sh*t, I’ll hold it for a whole minute.

Twilight fixed each of them with another glare to prevent any interruptions “Don’t get me wrong, I am still angry at you, furious even for all that you did and didn’t do. But right now, most of all, I am incredibly disappointed in every one of you.”

Honestly, I don’t care if she a princess. She got no right to talk sh*t.

Rarity took a step backwards like she had been hit, which left her stand with Applejack and Rainbow Dash and the others opposite of her “Fluttershy, you can’t seriously mean this. Sweetie Belle had never had the intention to let it come this far.” “Oh, I don’t blame her for all the mistakes we did. But the three of them could have ended this at any time, only they didn’t. Even when they saw Sunset crying and devastated, they kept going. We had already abandoned Sunset by then, which what they said was all they wanted. So they kept posting all this terrible stuff just because they thought it was funny.”

Ok, fluttershy is talking to much sh*t for my taste.

“You ran into me the next day. At the time, I thought you were just angry and rude, but I know now that you had to be loud and talk some sense into me. It gave me the will to start moving through this all and I am deeply grateful for what you did.”

I don’t know if I can agree with that.

Rarity’s room was big enough for all seven girls, even if there were only six of them right now. Princess Twilight had moved to the guest room on the other side of the hall, and Sweetie Belle was with her right now. Rarity’s parents had allowed for all of them to stay, after a private talk that ended with Rarity in tears, again.

I’m curious about that talk.

A hand under her chin directed her eyes back to Fluttershy’s kind smile “But we barely see you like that any more. And we’re not blaming you for anything. We all didn’t really act very nice either ever since Anon-A-Miss.” Applejack and Rarity sat down next to Fluttershy “And we know what it means by now. The face, I mean. We know you better than Twilight does, and you sure as sugar don’t come last for any of us.”

I still don’t know what they’re talking about.

I know their counterparts and they are my best friends, but I think it's clear now that these girls are not them, not all the way at least.

No, they are definitely like you friends.

By now, Twilight had enough courage to meet Blue’s eyes again “But that doesn’t mean you’re innocent either. You could have stepped in earlier. You could have talked some sense into the girls before they cast Sunset out. You could have stayed by her side when she needed you. You just did nothing. Granted, you didn’t join the bandwagon like the rest of CHS, but that’s only a small relief considering all that happened.”

Ok, at that point I would have to tell twilight to “shut the f*ck up.”

Blue rolled her eyes “Only problem is that people are hypocrites. They had no trouble making fun of Sunset and blaming her for all that shit, and now they are suddenly so sorry. They laughed their asses off with each new post, but now they’re appalled on how anyone could do such a terrible thing, even though most of them posted stuff themselves.”

She’s not wrong.

On the day after, you lashed out, but you also apologized right away and showed kindness even to those who didn’t deserve it.

I don’t remember her apologizing for anything.

Magic works differently in this world and I’m sure the girls were chosen for a reason, even if I can’t see it yet.”

Because they are the counterparts of your friends.

Also, I’m sorry this comment is long, I just had a lot to say about this chapter.

Wow... seems like there is barely any part you like about this chapter. Sorry for that. I don't know if you've ever been in a situation like any of them, but when your best friend tries to kill herself, you don't behave like you normally would.
Still a downer that you think half this chapter is just shit, not gonna lie.

Glad you like it. I just felt like this was something none of the other girls would tell 'the princess' off, but Blue doesn't have these restrictions.

I wouldn’t say I hated the chapter. There were some good parts. More of I don’t agree with some of the things the characters are saying.

Great job, this is probably my favorite chapter so far.

Blue turned away “Sunset gets tossed away and treated like dirt from a suspicion, but Sweetie Belle is forgiven and forgotten for actually committing all the things you blamed on Sunset. You always act so high and mighty, like you’re better than everyone else. But you’re not a lady, Rarity. You’re a bitch and a hypocrite, just like all the others, if not worse.”

Finally, someone brought the point up, I always thought about this and it never made sense.

Blue visited her a few times and she knew from Spring Meadow that the others did the same.

That’s her sister, right?

All the hatred had focused on Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo instead. Blue failed to see how this was any better, but she felt like they somehow deserved this. They made the whole school hate each other, now they should feel what it’s like on the receiving end.

Honestly, I feel like no one should hate no one in this situation.

Blue grinned to herself You might think she’s daft, but she’s clearing a path for Sunset in a way the others couldn’t. Nice job.


She could see everything she needed in Sunset’s face, that fear of everyone around her, that tension so she wouldn’t fall apart crying and most of all, how tired Sunset looked, too tired to face all this stuff right now.

Is she saying that the tension is stopping her from crying?

She was just lying there with her eyes closed, but she wasn’t sleeping because Sunset could see her eyes move behind her lids and Blue was also frowning angrily.

Is that possible?

“Some dyke with rainbow hair.”

I would have felt offended by that.

Blue shoved her backwards, harder than necessary, but it was the only thing she could do at the moment “SHUT UP! If you say anything, I’ll smack your sorry ass out of town, so shut up! SHUT UP!” With that, Blue suddenly turned around and headed to the door.

Someone needs to smack blue around a little bit.

Rainbow and Sunset both ended up starting at their respective walls, one close to tears and the other stuck with depressing thoughts running circles in her mind.

I’m guessing rainbow is the one in tears and sunset is the one with depressing thoughts?

Rainbow just stared straight ahead as the meaning sunk in, to some degree.

I don’t

Sunset had been alone for three years before the Fall Formal. Three years, and she was thirteen back then.

Wait, so how old does that make sunset? Also, didn’t she have snips and snails?

Blue kept glaring at Rainbow, knowing that Sunset would be watching very closely. As she had gambled, Rainbow picked up the challenge in her voice and reacted in what was normal, for her “Hey! We’re not a girl band! The Rainbooms are a rock band!” Blue just rolled her eyes “Sure, rock band. You have Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rarity. You’re the definition of a girl band.” “Hey! We also got Applejack!” “You’re right. You’re a country music girl band.” “Oh yeah?” Blue grinned when Rainbow hurled the pillow back at her. Now she’s going to talk about how she’s the band leader and how awesome she is.

I honestly don’t know what they are, so that’s a good debate.

Rainbow and Sunset just laughed harder and Blue rolled her eyes. She knew when she was beaten “Okay, fine. But Red’s like the only redeeming factor you ever had. You couldn’t keep up without her.”

That’s debatable

“If you’re finally done moping, how about you turn down that music now?” Spring Meadow stood in the door, shouting over the angry music that was still blaring. Blue had completely toned it out for a few minutes but now got up and turned off the stereo altogether.

Wait, so they were just screaming at each other the entire time?

Rainbow Dash almost didn’t believe her eyes as the terrifying young woman in front of her turned back into the kind and understanding big sister Blue told her about in the blink of an eye, complete with a warm voice to match “Now, does anyone want some cookies? I just finished a batch.”


“These are awesome!” Blue rolled her eyes as Rainbow Dash stated the obvious and shoved another cookie into her mouth. She didn’t mention that the only reason they had home-made cookies was because they were cheaper than buying from the store.

Is that true?

“Oh.” Blue watched Rainbow Dash closely, but for once the athlete didn’t just blurt out the first thing on her mind. It was a bit much to take in on top of everything else, so Blue jumped in to help Rainbow out “That’s good, right? Better than living alone in a tiny apartment. All by yourself.” Rainbow, thankfully, got the clue and followed up “Yeah. It’s great you’ve got someone looking out for you now. And Principal Celestia is only like the nicest person in the whole school. Vice-Principal Luna though…”

I would have never gotten the clue. Also, I’m surprised this chapter created this entire story.

Loving it so far, another great chapter and cant wait for more from you :)

Glad you like it! :twilightsmile:

I appreciate the input, but going through all of this massive post and responding to everything would take so much time, I hope you understand when I don't do that

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