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Anon-a-Miss won.

Her friends abandoned her and everyone else is out for her blood. At this point, her life has reached a low point. Then, a Wendigo lands her in the hospital inside another person's body where her whole life was an elaborate dream. It's all just a dream? No, that can't be right. That was too elaborate to be a dream! But at the same time, this is too real to be a dream as well!

Sunset must figure this out before the lines of dream and reality are blurred to her forever.

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I guess I'll follow it.

A dream that takes her out of what her life was, sounds familiar.
However the fact she's waking up in a psychiatric ward, I have to wonder how much better this life really is.

Hey, thanks for following! This will be a wild ride, so strap in!

Yep! That was the plot of episodes for many a fantasy TV show back in the 2000s. But I kind of like those episodes if for exploring the psychological nature and the what-ifs scenarios.

And yeah, she might not be hated in the psychiatric ward, but it will be hard going forward when everyone insists that your life isn't exactly real.

I think I've heard of that story!

But yeah, the inspiration of this one was from binge-watching clips of Charmed 'Brain Drain' and Smallville 'Labyrinth' on Youtube during the summer.

You had my interest with the first chapter. Now you have my attention.

Can’t wait to see more! I’m so intrigued!!! :pinkiehappy:

Well, thank you! I am glad to have your attention and interest! :D

Well, thank you! I will have more chapters in the near future! :)

You've got my attention and I look forward to seeing how this story will progress.

I was really interested before but now I’m really really intrigued! Just who is Soleil and what does she have to do with Sunset and the Windigos? Ahh!!! So many questions! :raritycry:
Great job on this chapter and I cannot wait to see more! :pinkiehappy:

Why, thank you! I hope to keep you entertained!

Ah! Thank you for the comment, kind reader! :D
As for your questions, they will come in due time!

I love the way you write, it's so beautiful and the descriptions are easy to understand! The plot is very intriguing, too, I can't wait to see what's up with Soleil in that Windigos, plus the whole Anon-a-Miss issue. I've seen it take so many different directions in various stories, I'm very excited to see where you'll take it!

Ah! Thank you for your comment! :D
And I hope to not disappoint you with the chapters ahead!

I hope Sunset breaks off the friendship witht he Rainbooms for good, and becomes so cold everyone in the school refears her for good reasons.
As she becomes the monster they all made.

Awesome chapter! Don’t fret about the chapter being delayed. Just take your time! As always, can’t wait to see what’s next! :pinkiehappy:

While I would love to see a happy ending, I don't think its going to happen, one side is going to be left in heart ache. If nothing else I suppose Sunset can forever go to sleep and at least give Soleil a happy ending. Great chapter can't wait to see what you have next for us.

Break off the friendship? Well, for now. But there will be tongue lashings to go around.

Thanks for the comment! :D

Why thank you! And as for Sunset's fate, well, we'll see. We'll see! :)

"So, let me get this straight," Sunset narrowed her eyes. "Because you're still on that kick of me being Anon-a-Miss, to which you have no tangible evidence of, you decided to go through my phone so that you could expose me. Was talking to me not an option anymore or do you want to exact more revenge on me? Because hating me wasn't enough for you, is that right?"

Pinkie's eyes widened in shock. "What are you talking about?"

"As if you didn't know," Sunset continued in a calm voice. "I know that you and the other Rainbooms have it out for me ever since I joined your ranks. You girls never wanted to be my friend at all, you just saw me as a pet to parade about. All I am to you is a person who deserves to be hurt and humiliated no matter how much I change whatsoever. I'm nothing to you girls, nothing at all. And that would have been fine and dandy had you girls actually told me the truth. But no, you kept up a nice, lovely façade of friendship with me all for me to lower my guard." She stared at Pinkie, a cold smile on her lips.

"All of you are just as two-faced as I was."

And you’re gonna have a very hard time refuting that once the truth comes out. After all, if you really were Sunset’s friend, you wouldn’t have turned on her so easily, Pinkie.

They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. But it's also mixed with short-sightedness and the thirst for revenge!

Thanks for the comment! :D

Wow, first comment.
Amazing chapter.
That's section with not Sunset or zoned out Sunset talking about erasing herself was heavy. I tried really hard not to cry, but you succeeded where many have failed. I can't wait see where you go from here, I can't imagine how Pinkie will move forward, and I can't wait to see her telling her friends about what happened to Sunset.

Pinkie whimpered and sunk down in the chair, hurt at the accusation. Why couldn't Twilight see that she wasn't the bad guy here? Her friends were being attacked by Anon-a-Miss and Twilight was here, getting angry at her. Was this how Sunset felt, a crushing sense of helplessness? No, Sunset was stronger than that, right? She was the former queen bee of CHS. She was, for most people, a juggernaut of strength, resolve, and pride.

Pinkie, everyone has a breaking point.

"I...I found," Pinkie stammered before taking a deep breath. "I found searches for m-mental health illnesses. Various ones. It was a search history for depression, mood disorders, schizophrenia. I...I...I thought she was faking it...B...But I didn't think...I, I, I..." She trailed off, her face wet with tears. "I...I just thought that..."

And Sunset has been pushed way past hers. Looks like you and everybody else did more damage to her than she’s done to the entire school. After all, I don’t recall her ever doing something so bad to someone that it broke them.

I have a idea like this but whit twilit and the human she wakes up as is more grumpy and a likes rock

Sorry for bad inglish

That was amazing chapter! And ugh! Cliffhanger! :raritycry: I really can’t wait for the next chapter. The plot is thickening and it’s just so good!

Oh my! Thank you for the comment! Yeah, that was one of the hardest parts to write considering the tone and subject matter! And don't worry, I have more chapters coming on the way!

Yeah. Even the strongest of people have their breaking point and Sunset is no different. But now she has at least some friends on her side! And that list will grow slowly soon!

Thank you! Don't fret, the next chapter is already in the works!

Oh no! Don't apologize! That sounds like an interesting story! :D

"Of course," Bianca smiled, taking Sunset by the hand. "Come on, Sunset."

Small check, Bianca said Sunset instead of Soleil

You know, if she ends up having powers from this, I'd like to see something like this happen:

Rainbow Dash: Hey! Get out!
Applejack: Yer not welcome here, Sunset!
Sunset: Why can't I convince you all that I'm not Anon-a-Miss?
Rarity: Because you can't! You are Anon-a-Miss! And you've always have been! Stop wasting all our time and just admit it already!
Sunset: ...(click here)

Yep! Sunset's back and not going down without a fight!

Thanks for the heads-up! It's fixed! Thanks! :D

Yep, though because they're a cartoon, they can survive the lightning bolt! But even in this story, Sunset won't use it on them! She'll just tell them off!

Argh! Stupid cliffhangers.

Yeah! Sorry about the cliffhanger! The next chapter is under construction!

"I...I yelled at the Rainbooms," Pinkie could only reply. "I told them what I needed to say. And, honestly, I've never felt better. It felt good, you know. To unleash what I needed to say. And it felt good, you know." She turned to Sunset. "The Battle of the Bands. You told everyone there that your past didn't define every part of you. We should've...I should've...I'm so sorry! I...I..."

Pinkie yelled at the Rainbooms? Hmm. Interesting.

"What do we do, Twilight," Pinkie whimpered. "What do we do?"

"Hmm, from what I can recall," Twilight responded, stroking Sunset's hair. "It doesn't seem like any other Windigo attack the books have spoken about nor of what Princess Celestia warned me about. However..." She trailed off in thought. "It doesn't, to my knowledge, have the same...But what if..." She turned to Pinkie. "There is a creature that is rarely talked in Equestria. I only heard of this creature in hushed whispers."

"What is it?" Pinkie asked, leaning forward.

"It is called an Erinye."

If I’m recalling Greek mythology correctly, the Furies were Erinyes. If this is going where I think it’s going, then someone at CHS royally screwed up. And I don’t just mean Anon-a-Miss.

"What is it?" Pinkie asked, leaning forward.

"It is called an Erinye."

I wonder what that means... How is it all connected? Wonderful chapter as usual! :twilightsmile:

(reads chapter's title)
I sail. Way beyond the moon
In my silver ship, I sail
A dream that ended too soon
Sorry, that came to my mind when I find the title of this chapter.
Anyways, glad to see one of these Anon-a-Miss stories where the other Libman character is the first one to see the light instead the obvious Libman character. Keep up the good work.:twilightsmile:

Yep! In the next chapter, we'll see how that conversation went! It's not gonna be pretty.

Oh yeah, there's more trouble that's to be had with an Erinye on the loose! And there will be trouble a-brewing and retribution to be had!

Thanks for the comment! And yeah, all will be revealed in due time!

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