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The Darkness.

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Hey darkman! I was just about to start writing your requested story with Rarity and Barb when I realized I've actually lost the conversation we had about what you wanted to be included in the story, would you mind refreshing my memory a bit? I'm sorry but I had to ask!

Thank you for favouriting "A Big Sister for Hearth's Warming"! :scootangel:

Ayo! Thanks for the fav on my story "Baby... Anon-a-Miss??". Hope you have a good day!

I'm sorry but I can't imagine an Orc ever being sexy in any capacity. Whenever I picture an orc in general, I think of the ones in Skyrim and those ones are ugly. Don't you think that blocking me on Discord was a bit harsh? Only cowards block people in my eyes. (Unless that person was trying to hack or steal your personal information. That's the only exception.)

  • Viewing 3 - 7 of 7
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