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Signal Boosting · 4:32am Feb 12th, 2021

Hey, all, I recently discovered an animator on youtube and he does some pretty cool pony animations. He also doesn't have nearly as much attention as he should so if you could please pay his channel a visit and maybe help him out a little, that'd be cool.

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Probably the same reason you find it amusing that he insults you with his email names. He's literally SO petty that he's using every single possible angle he can think of to attack people. My best guess is that by demonstrating how much he 'knows' that it makes him come off as smarter than he obviously is.


I don't know why I find that so hilarious.

Actually, the reason he has 'strong opinions' on Jamiroquai is because the names of several of their songs were used as titles for our stories.


What a loser. Who apparently also has strong opinions on Jamiroquai that he feels the need to share with people from time to time.

Oh well. If he wants to play whack-a-mole, I've got a pretty big mallet.

As far as I, or anybody he's targeting knows, he got a bee in his bonnet over a story in our shared universe where Diamond Tiara was a mean girl (earth shattering, I know), it was a sort of Chrysalis redemption story set in EqG (too long to explain), and then as part of the plot, Diamond Tiara got kidnapped by two sketchy dudes in a van.

The guy who is making all the alts started raising hell about how we totally had DT raped and murdered off screen and how Flynt (the story's author) was a 'bad person', then said both me and Shinzakura were bad people for encouraging this behavior. Along with whining about how Diamond Tiara shouldn't have been written as a bad character (even though that was, y'know, literally her entire character for all but her final focus episode).

Back in the actual story, nothing bad really happened to Diamond Tiara. She actually got kidnapped by changelings (who cluelessly had stolen the identities of two thieves along with their van) who hadn't actually intended to capture her (they thought she was a disguised Chrysalis for reasons too long to get into) and so they put her into a changeling cocoon to keep her out of the way. This somehow didn't placate this asshat (EDIT: and this had been the plan for the story from the start, the plot wouldn't have been altered to suit this idiot's desires regardless) and so he keeps attacking us for some reason because he keeps blaming Flynt for writing DT as an asshole even though I bet there's a zillion stories on this website that do the exact same thing since she literally was the only reoccurring villain in the show for the first four seasons. I guess he brings up Scootaloo as he sees her deserving of more abuse than Diamond Tiara.

  • Viewing 166 - 170 of 170
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