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Signal Boosting · 4:32am Feb 12th, 2021

Hey, all, I recently discovered an animator on youtube and he does some pretty cool pony animations. He also doesn't have nearly as much attention as he should so if you could please pay his channel a visit and maybe help him out a little, that'd be cool.

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Okay, look, it's clear you didn't like how DT was handled in my story and that's fine, but it is what it is. I'm not rewriting it. And if that's not what you're trying to get at, what are you trying to get at? And please stop referencing Nanoha and Pony POV, I've told you multiple times I've seen neither so trying to use them as support for what you are saying is flying over my head.

I totally understand your view point but I really have to stress that it was a different time and environment when ROTF was written. Diamond Tiara back then was, quite literally, the only reoccuring villain even in the show. Equestria Girls had just come out and by all accounts it looked like DT was never going to get a redemption. Excluding the more extreme stuff, DT herself does get mocked by the class and generally has a 'fall from grace' bit during Crusaders of the Lost Mark, so its not like the general spirit of a DT humiliation conga isn't even canon, nor is it that others including DT herself find it weird the CMC suddenly decide to take pity on her and be her friend.

Plus, the whole 'vomit' thing was more a tongue in cheek thing calling back to AB vomiting earlier that chapter and that, of all possible places, DT landed there. And again, DT getting into messes like that is canon - just look at the end of Ponyville Confidential where she's covered in ink.

That said, had Crusaders of the Lost Mark existed at the time of writing ROTF, its likely things would have been handled differently given the added dynamic of DT's bad parenting influence from Spoiled Rich. However, do also keep this in mind - ultimately, I did redeem DT and she is a better pony after the events of ROTF.

Well, no, because you keep referencing Nanoha which like I said, I've never seen, so I don't have a frame of reference to the characters you keep referencing. And it feels like your dislike for DT being the villain has less to do with the way the character was handled and more with how you are interpreting both non-canon fan media and the presence of a later canon character who didn't even exist when Rise of the Furball was written (indeed, that's the whole point Champagne Dreams exists - because the story needed a mother character for DT for that scene).

Plus, I don't think you understand what 'MILF' means given it implies you find Spoiled Rich very attractive which is at odds with how you say you hate her.

Never saw Pony POV or Nanoha, sorry.

Diamond Tiara fills the 'rich popular bully kid' archetype which is common when dealing with school settings, often the main place where children are exposed to other people in the world outside of their immediate families. Typically, the focus is on High School where a combination of kids wanting to grow up and really trying to understand where they fit in with regards to the world, but there wasn't ever high school in the show proper so we got elementary school renditions instead. Equestria Girls, at least the first film, plays it far more closely to standard in terms of how Sunset Shimmer is handled as the main antagonist.

  • Viewing 152 - 156 of 156
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