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GAOA Status Update 3.14 · 8:48pm Last Wednesday

So, as you all may have guessed, there will be no update this week because it's the Thanksgiving holiday for the BV Team. Hope everyone is staying safe and that your stuff-your-gut-with-turkey-day festivities are grand during this difficult time in human history.

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And with that, knowing my own pain from RL bullshit, all's good.

I've kind of had a really, really frustrating week, okay? For the record, Wolf agreed with you that the link was wrong. The only reason I even put the blog post up is because somebody in the chat said they didn't know if the story was published.

Because a blog post saying the story was going up the previous day, combined with the fact that updates have always been on Wednesdays at 6:30pm barring breaks or other unusual circumstances, and the fact it has always been this way for literally years, might have been enough for me to expect that maybe people wouldn't need to be told the same thing they already were told.

If I sound a bit snippish, it's because of a lot of crap I had to deal with over the past seven days that I am NOT going to divulge publicly, and the blog post somehow having the wrong link was just something I was not in the mood to deal with.


Plus, deleting a blog post over a silly error is a bit disproportionate, no?

Well could you have waited until I saw what rebuttal Whitewolf had for me? They don't even remember what they said...

  • Viewing 149 - 153 of 153
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