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I can recommend myself, I'm cool as a cucumber and just as useful.

Professional Jinx

Lover of hot sauce and lime salt. If you want help with a story idea or concept creation, then I'm your disaster.

-You want criticism? You got it.
-Idea? Done.
-Honest, brutal, opinion? Happily given.
-Cause unmitigated panic and pandemonium? Got you covered.

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If I offend you · 7:11pm Sep 29th, 2016

If I offend you, Sorry, not sorry,

Some people need harsh criticism, if you're reading this and you:
♠ Delete comments because they hurt your feelings
♠ Bitch like a giraffe in heat
♠ Steal cover art
♠ Steal someone's work
♠ Copy someone's work without crediting them
♠ Act with general douchebaggery
♠ Say Either "No hate in the comments" Or "I'm a new author so give me a pass"

Then congrats, here's some love.

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Please tell me where. I want to keep a dialogue with this sexy mofo.

Make like Elsa from Frozen and just Let It Go already.

Joke's on you - I've since been able to contact JINX through alternate means, so my business dealings with them have not been affected in the slightest. :trollestia:

Pity you got banned - you look like somebody who would have been perfect to get an opinion from about a story idea I've been keeping on the back burner.

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