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"I have seen it in the skies, in my dreams, in the ripples of water as a tea leaf dances on the toroidal. There will come a time when your actions will change, irrevocably, the future of all ponydom, and with your silence you will send a foal on a journey that even you cannot comprehend and she will change everything we will ever know."

This is the home for the sometimes celebrated, sometimes controversial AAGverse. From here, you'll see the main stories of the series, as well as ones written by others within the same universe. There is, of course, a TVTropes page to explain it all.

If you're interested in writing a story in the AAGverse, send me a PM and let me know, so I can keep it within the scope of the same verse. Once it's good to go, I'll pop you in as a contributor, and you an upload your story! Alternate timelines ("What if DJ was Fluttershy's daughter?") are fine as well, but they'll be going in an AT folder.

The following are reference guides to the AAGverse:
Species taxonomy and genetics
List of Equestriani royal branches and noble houses
Main story relationship chart (in progress)
TV Tropes page
Timeline (coming soon)
Story/Guideline Bible (coming soon)

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Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve just noticed it today

Just pointing out that most of the reference links above are busted.

... and the relationships guide is still horrible for those of us who are colorblind.

Sure, it'll just take longer to read.

I actually got intimidated and lost my place somewhere in the middle of a chapter.

The new system with the last FimFiction update I can actually keep my place and finish this main story!

I can make them longer if you want.

Yay, this story rocks, even if the chapters ARE crazy long

I'll just post here let blue do book 3 or 4 and comeback here to AAG

Listening to Minty's voice samples at, I can see why you decided her to be Rarity's daughter :rainbowlaugh:

Can I get an update woot woot

Okay, now mapping out all those relationships was very impressive. It's a big of a challenge to follow at the best of times and to map that all out? Props where it's due. Very impressive indeed. :twilightsmile:

But I gotta say as someone who's colorblind? I cannot tell what half of those lines actually are color-wise... There's too many that (for me) are too similar to each other. and just leaves me scratching my head wondering which line is actually what. :applejackconfused:

just an idea I'm going to once again embarrass myself and try to write something.:twilightblush:

Someone stop me please:pinkiecrazy:

The Battle of Fillydelphia has left thousands of ponies homeless. Human earth offers help to her newest Allie. Humans opening their homes to the pony refugees but not without cultural differences. Its been almost 35 years from the "alien girl" to First contact but ponies and humans both shares something in common.

They hate change when it effects them personally

Comment posted by IggitaBiggita deleted Jan 23rd, 2014


Yes. The BH sidestory 'The Busker'

YOU KNOW NOTHING. And you should believe me. I made every single revision of the relationship chart. Would you believe I called the original version complex even though it had like, 20 characters? The latest one of the V3 series has 180 approx.

A combination of on the fly, most I already knew and some research. I've been lucky to have a varied life and I can put it to work.

I think I'd go nuts if I had to manage a Wikia as well.

you know what's else should have All American Girl? a wikia. This fic it's so big that it needs one. Tvtropes don't cover all the stuff it has

Something tells me you did a lot of research prior to this. And this is why I love All-American Girl.:pinkiehappy:

Good god that is one extensive relationship tree

well that relationship chart is going to give me nightmares......and robin and snips and snails are friends???, is it on the bonus histories?, havent read those yet

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