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I’ve seen a lot of HIE, Human in Equestria, stories and some human turn to pony stories. There’s even Equestria Girls stories which is ponies turn to humans. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a PIA, Ponies in America, story. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in America they can be in Russia for all I care. Now that I think about it My Little Dashie is the only popular PIA, or PIA in general, story that i’ve heard of. So I’m making this group so everyone can start writing more and more PIA stories.


1)Be Nice and if you're gonna judge don’t do it in the forms. (take that to the comment section of that story)

2)Title form as Game, Discussion, Question, Story, Review, Information /or/ Episode
I guess you already know what Game, Discussion, Question and Episode mean.

Story: In this section you can promote your story or ask for someone to edit your story. DO NOT do this under Question. (It’s easier for some people to not click it if it’s under Story)

Review: In this section you can give your personal review of any story (kind of like a critic) You are entitled to your own opinion and people may comment on it in the comment section.

Information: In this section you can tell people if you do cover art, collabs, editing, pre-reading, etc. DO NOT put your information more than once or I will delete it.

Episode: This is where you talk about the new episode you DO NOT do this in the discussion section.

3)You can state your opinion but don’t be down right rude. Don’t curse someone out for no reason.

4)DO NOT put HIE, /or/ EQG, stories in here this is strictly a PIA group.

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