This story is a sequel to The Golden Age of Apocalypse - Book I

Humanity and ponydom have finally encountered one another, and two delegations are headed to Ponyville and the Crystal Empire, while a third remains in Canterlot. It will be the chance of a life time for hooves and hands to reach out towards another in understanding and to banish the stories and myths of the past.

But in the days leading up to Sunset's coronation as a princess of Equestria and the Alicorn of Earth...how will either species fare?

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Y'know, even if this was the show canon but with the human AJ you have here, this is probably exactly how the pony AJ would react.

But oh boy if that's the AJs, imagine what would happen if the Spikes, or the RDs would do if left unchecked. Though human Fluttershy might have a heart attack once she learns of the Angel here, with the pony one about the human Discord.

I really am looking forward to the Dazzlings seeing of the human Dazzlings' play toys. Honestly, that might be my most anticipated portion.

Applejack had enough at that point. “TWI!” she shouted.“TWI, WE GOT A CHANGELING HERE!”

Who's a silly pony :ajsmug:?

As a great man sharing my first name once said: Hold on to your butts!

Y'all are in for another wild ride from all of us

Wow um, screw Pony!AJ. I hope this timeline remains true enough to the show that Applebloom and the other CMCs still go into cutie mark counseling just to spite her.

And speaking of mismatches between counterparts, I sense a ticking time bomb between the two Pinkies...

Eh maybe, but that was about the most stupid and disrespectful thing I've ever read, not just to Human!AJ and her family, but to her own as well.

"The farm is all, so f* your grandpa and the life you've built. Any Apple that isn't a farmer or doesn't want to be is stupid and wrong and should feel bad!"

Three months(?) down the road and Sunset is spending another week in Equestria for much different reasons. Actions from the Covenant and Highfalutin’ aside I can see this being a very eventful week, especially as Princess Luna will not only be introduced the term Larping but will likely reinvent/redefine the term for her own use. I can see the rest of Canterlot suffering as a result.

Weeks, not months. There's still a bit of Narnia time going on, though it's mostly under control now.

I mean from the Earth point of view. SDSJ book 2 took place at the start of June and the new school year has just recently started. Unless I’m missing something of course.

The timeframe on Earth that this is taking place around is early October (aka Columbus/Discoverer's/Indigenous Peoples' Day weekend). A three day weekend for the humans which they can use to cover themselves for the week that they'll be in Equestria

Thanks for clearing that up, although that’s an unknown weekend here in the UK.

........ Pony AJ was being a massive jerk here, but I love the bonding between the rest of the counterparts.

*sigh* Do we wanna start a pool on Pony!AJ doing something stupid(er)? At the very least she's likely to stir up a mob if she keeps yelling 'changeling' everywhere.

Is this before or after Thorax hid in the Crystal Empire?

I don't think that's happened yet, if it will at all.

I hope that Granny can knock some sense into AJ, I really do.


This story takes place at the equivalent time to early season 5. Thorax is still with Chrysalis's hive (we actually saw him along with Ocellus and Pharynx back in GAoA book 1)

Interesting description of how the ascension process works, never thought about it that way before.

I just remembered this is way before “The Perfect Pear.” Silly pony gonna be eating a lot of crow afterwards...

"The Perfect Pear" doesn't apply here anyway, given that Blue created parents for the Apple kids long before that episode came out. Appleseed and Cornflower are not Bright Mac and Pear Butter.

Comment posted by Shinzakura deleted Apr 17th, 2019

Both the human Luna and her sister shared a brief glance; they’d seen the look in the princess’ eyes on far too many parents over the years – the sign of someone suffering trauma of some sort and had opted to go without treatment because too many depended on them.

And now I’m thinking about the Tantibus?

so friendship games has not happend or will not happen given twilight is now in the loop and starlight has been stopped by div so that leave the sunny's coronation going like slice of life and the cmc getting cutie marks or and cadence getting pregnant mmh....

musing on flynts statement about where the story is in the time line he said early season 5

The first Equestria Girls movie is the only reference to the Berylverse. Everything after the first movie is not cannon to these stories. As for whether or not Starlight turns up we'll have to wait and see.

She exists; she was mentioned in 7DSJ Book III.

She's a friend of Discord, a musician, and currently on tour in Europe.

I believe the original question referred to pony Starlight Glimmer. I think. Didn’t really make much sense.

That poor vixen, I hope life turns around for her.:fluttercry:

Great Robin Hood prince of thieves reference!

Robin Hood the prince of thieves staring Kevin Costner and Allan rickman. The whole "I'll nuter him with a spoon.

But why?

Because it will hurt more !" Is an almost direct quote. All the you need to do is replace it with cutting the heart out. Look it up. Swear to god. It's a 1991 film.

Oh Sunset, you just had to invoke Murphy, didn't you.

the best way to convince Adm. Tumblehome of your value would be to show her a demonstration so spectacular that she cannot refuse

Pumpkins. What Sable needs is a shitload of pumpkins and a full-auto weapon. Preferably belt-fed.

At least the Jasmine ceremony couldn’t be any worse than this, right?

Oh, Sunny-buns.
You do NOT tempt fate like that, sweetheart.:facehoof:
You just don't.

OK OK HOLD HOLD IT! the Yaks can play very nicely, I heard how one of them can really play their musical instruments.

Why, why are they provoking Murphy?!?

Did Twi have to deal with all this, or is Sunset, as Celestia's daughter and hair to her throne, getting extra?

Also that Moronic Fox is probably how Melody is going to make her big come back. Almost hope she pulls a Bobbitt on his rapist arse.

So...Human Pinkie vs. Precious Jewel for the title of biggest yandre, go!

Or maybe some swinging logs?

I'm sure Jewel will make some quasi reformed Changeling quite happy some day. Sunset, not so much. :facehoof:

In other news, Whisky is living up to her full name, bringing confusion to those around her. I just hope that she eventually realizes that she did nothing to soil her honor, and that she was used as a scape goat by one who had no honor to begin with.

Different music genres. The same instrument, played two different ways, sounding almost nothing alike. It is simply Sunset's bad luck she has to listen to Yak Classical Music, rather than something more modern and less ear bleeding. :pinkiecrazy:

Ooh, nice! The only clip of that scene I could ever find started at the same spot, but ended at "Weapon of War". Thanks for letting me see more of that episode than I had before.

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