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This is a group dedicated to stories where people become family through adoption.

This is Not a group about adopting abandoned stories, or adopting OCs.

Other that grouping stories relating to adoption, we wish to encourage awareness and discussion on orphanhood and adoption.

The folder structure goes as follows:

(*) Adoption as plot-central: Stories directly about performing an adoption. Past, present or future.
Example: "Of Lilies and Chestnuts" by Prane
May also include stories about a parent who gave up a child, such as "Surprise's Regret", by SkylerM

(*) Adoption as Secondary Element: The adoption is story and/or character background, and is a relevant element to the story.
Example: "All-American Girl", by Shinzakura

(*) Adoption as story background: Someone adopting, adopted or something, but the fact is irrelevant to the story at hand.
Example: "Lost Weekend", by BlueBastard

(*) Adopt-a-parent: Seen many stories about Twilight realizing that Spike sees her as his mum? Or Celestia with Twilight? Rainbow with Scoots? Applejack with Applebloom?

(*) Step- or Foster- Parents.

(*) Orphans:Sadly, there is such a thing as children who won't be adopted.
Example: "The End Of Ponies", by ShortSkirtsAndExplosions

(*) Universes: Some adoption stories have spawned entire continuums, such as "All-American Girl", by Shinzakura and "Past Sins", by Pen Stroke.
Submit into this folder through the moderators, please.
Also, please only stories where adoption is primary or secondary. We don't want to just copy-paste the contents of other groups.

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What if a character gets adopted at the end of the story?

Say... My main story... what would it be filed under?
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I've been adopted by Starswirled. :pinkiecrazy:

Sounds like story background to me :applejackunsure:

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