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Chicago Ted

Paroli nur unu lingvon estas uzi nur unu koloron de farbo. La lingvo de amikeco ne estas vortoj, sed signifoj.

What Have I Written?

Where Are My Guests From?

This Way, Nay That Way

A single Leaf,
Hanging to a Branch;
The Wind blew it around,
This way, nay that way,
Until one day,
The Leaf decided to fall off.

The falling Leaf,
Dancing in the Wind;
It traversed the countryside,
This way, nay that way,
Until it reached a River,
And landed in it.

The floating Leaf,
Sailing in the River;
It meandered through the valley,
This way, nay that way,
Until it reached a calm stretch,
And washed ashore.

Two botanists,
Finding this Leaf;
They were arguing its origins,
“This way!” “Nay, that way!”
Until they reached the decision,
It came from upstream.

This pressed Leaf,
Being auctioned off;
The highest bid was swaying around,
This way, nay that way,
Until one Man won,
For not a small sum.

That same Man,
Accidentally dropping his Leaf;
The fragments scattered in the Wind,
This way, nay that way,
Until they reached the forest,
That they came from.

There's a whole series of translations of this poem here. Feel free to add another if you want, provided it isn't already done.

How to Say "Rain" In. . .

Spanish: La lluvia
French: Pluie
Russian: Dozhd' (Дождь)
Arabic: Māṭar (مطر)
Mandarin-Chinese: Yǔ (雨)
Esperanto: Pluvo
Albanian: Shi
Kēlen: antārranni
Lojban: carvi
Coptic: Ōshi (Ωϣι)
Greek: Vrochí (Βροχή)
Latin: Pluvia
Portuguese: Chuva
German/Dutch: Regen
Afrikaans: Reën
Quechua: Para
Inuktitut: Mina (ᒥᓂ)
Hebrew: Gešem (גשם)
Abkhaz: Ākwourā (Aқәоура)
!Xóõ: !Qhàa

[English] Who Am I?

Greetings, visitor! My name is Chicago Ted, a typical user on Fimfiction. I have a passion for foreign/non-English languages, video games, and, naturally, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I can speak Esperanto, Albanian, and Kēlen, and if you like, I can translate works into those languages. I hope we can become good friends. Take care!

--Chicago Ted

[Esperanto] Kiu Mi Estas?

Saluton, visitanto! Mi nomiĝas Ĉikago Ted, tipa uzanto en Fimfikcion. Mi havas pasion per eksterlandaj kaj neanglaj lingvoj, videoludoj, kaj, nature, Mia Eta Poneo: Amikeco Estas Magia. Mi povas paroli la anglan, la albanan, kaj la kelenjan, kaj se vi volas, mi povas traduki verkojn en tiujn lingvojn. Mi esperas, ke ni fariĝos bonajn amikojn. Prizorgu!

--Ĉikago Ted

[Shqip] Kush Jam Unë?

Tungjatjeta, mysafir! Unë quhem Çikago Ted, një përdoruesit i tipik në Fimtrillim. Kam një pasion për gjuhët të huaja dhe të paanglisht, lojërat video, dhe, natyrisht, Kalush Im e Vogël: Miqësi Është Magji. Mund të flas anglisht, esperanto, dhe kelenjë, dhe nëse ju doni, mund të përkthehet veprat në ato gjuhët. Shpresoj ne mund të bëhet miq të mirë. Kujdeset!

Të fala,
--Çikago Ted

[antaxōni ankēleni] la liēn makēñ;

selre anlāsi lā; la lesawēra an-Xikāko λi-Tēt; la liēn malāsa sū wīmwikxin; pa liēn annāra xiēn jē ē antaxōni anwāññīwe ī jajēra ansēlne ī kexien lemakērþe anīña: la ankīrelil ankērrāoni; salla ē anklēxi ī anesperantoi ī anxcīpi ē pa riēþ jakīñen ñalla jasōri mē jāo antaxōniā; ñanta maxānaien taxien; pa riēþ ankewāla kā lā;

selre anānte
--an-Xikāko λi-Tēt;

【中文: 繁體字】我是誰?
來客,你好! 我的名字叫芝加哥泰德一個典型FimFiction的用戶。我有一個非英語語言視頻遊戲,和--當然--彩虹小馬的熱情。我會講世界語,阿爾巴尼亞語和Kēlen。如果你需要的話,我可以用那些語言翻譯你的同人小說。我希望我可以當你的好朋友。慢走!


[Français] Qui suis-je ?
Bonjour, visiteur ! Je suis Chicago Ted, un utilisateur de FimFiction parmi d'autres. Je suis intéressé par les langues étrangères, les jeux vidéo, et, bien sûr, par My Little Pony : Les amies, c'est magique ! Je parle espéranto, albanais, et kélen, et, si vous le souhaitez, je peux traduire des textes depuis ou vers ces langues. J'espère que nous pourrons devenir de bons amis. Bonne continuation !

--Chicago Ted

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Thanks for the favorite!:pinkiesmile:

I follow you because combine

You forgot to delete the accusative -n from "vortojn" and "signifojn"; the verb "esti" doesn't have accusative.

Gah. Right, I ought to correct my Esperanto. (Coming from an American English background, case declension still seems to be a foreign concept to me!)

The Chinese one isn't mine, it's BlackDenimCap's. Talk to him about it.

Thanks for dropping by, fellow language fan!

Hi! I'm a big fan of languages, especially constructed ones, and I see that you have a passion for languages too! :twilightsmile:

I noticed something in your Bio, though:

Paroli nur unu lingvo estas uzi nur unu koloro de farbo. La lingvo de amikeco ne estas vortojn, sed signifojn.

Shouldn't that be:

Paroli nur unu lingvon estas uzi nur unu koloron de farbo. La lingvo de amikeco ne estas vortoj, sed signifoj.

Also, the Chinese "Who Am I" is a bit weird in some places.

And about time, too!

Oh, and thanks for the watch.

no zombie is safe from Chicago Ted

A watch. For you. Reason being: Equimorphic Objects need more love!

Would you? Sure!

PM me the results when you're done.

Hey, thanks for the favorite on Project R.U.M.P. I would make a pun here, but I think I've made enough in that story, doncha think? :pinkiesmile:

Thank you for leaving a comment and adding your favorite list!

It's great to meet someone with a crazy but creative mind such as yourself :twilightsmile:. Anyways, it's a pleasure to meet you! :raritystarry::twilightsheepish::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss: Any chance you're a writer? (Yes, IK you have one story in your prof, but sometimes ppl only write when they want) If yes, I can offer you or you can offer me a hoof in writing. :ajsmug: It's also another way to know ppl better. That is, by sharing each others ideas :raritystarry::pinkiehappy:

Also, love your memes! If you have a blog, I would gladly follow it! :rainbowkiss: You're sense of humor is just the kind of humor I'm looking for in ppl :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Yours truly,
MysticCptTidalStirling29 ;P (<-- Just so you know, that face right there is actually my signature on quotes or whatever such as this) :raritywink:

Solid L4D reference there.


¿Kiel vi fartas?

Nice to meet you. I must admit, I don't have an interest in language, but I do find linguists fascinating.

Damn where were you when I was killing all those zombies.

Thank you for adding M.A. Larson Pisses off Colgate to your favorites.

I just remembered what your name comes from. :rainbowlaugh:
"No zombie is safe from Chicago Ted!"

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