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"Friendship" is a magical-class noun.

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"And we are absolutely certain that's a settlement? That Rhysling already has Indigenous populations?"

"Yes, Commander. There is no doubt. An engineer can fix the probe, but he would not know how to talk to them."

"Alright. Forget the engineer, then. Get me the linguist."

Coverart by SagebrushPony (not on Fimfiction).

Preread by Sunnypack, Shinzakura, Ghuntz, and Admiral Biscuit.

French language support by Conflicting views and Sparktail. German language support by Purple Smart. Russian language support by Alkarasu.

This story follows show canon until the end of Season 1.

Featured on 30 June -- 4 July 2021.

Chapters (25)

Before the Princess of the Night forsook,
She watcht o'er ev'rypony's dream, and shook
Away the terrors that would plague us all.
But in the heads of all she ne'er did look.

But why? you ask, why does she make that call?
Am I not vital? Is my fright too small?
But nay, young foal, your fears are not the case,
For in some wicked dreams, she too may fall.

She'd realize this trap once: into a place
Fell Princess Luna, after one such grace
Of fright, in which e'en she'd just scarcely wade;
She soon was whiskt away without a trace.

By luck, in vex and silence she'd not staid;
Before returning home, this quest she made.

Coverart by flamevulture17. Preread by Shinzakura.

Chapters (22)

Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns is out for a summer break. To keep her studies in check, and to keep herself busy while staying in from the rain, Twilight decides to do some light summer reading.

Now Twilight has to help eleven girls in the cosmos contain something that threatens to collapse the universe back into nothingness.

Things could've gone better.

Preread by flyer (not on Fimfiction).

Dedicated to Lauren Faust, who originally pitched her Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls to Hasbro before being asked instead to retool My Little Pony -- which became Friendship is Magic, the show we all know and love today.

Chapters (14)

In 2025, Hasbro Biotech introduced a new product---the Hassenfeld Pony---genetically-engineered horses made to look and act like the characters of an obscure show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Despite the high asking prices and the ethical questions surrounding them, they took the world by storm. Thousands of households in America, and tens of thousands more overseas, soon had one of their own.

These are some of their stories.

Coverart by Gryphon BBQ (not on Fimfiction). Preread and Spanish language support by Ghuntz.

Inspried by the Hassenfeld Pony threads on /mlp/.

Featured on 7--10 June 2020.

Chapters (4)

Starlight Glimmer has been reformed by Twilight Sparkle. But Twilight Sparkle, at some point afterward, travels through the mirror to assist Sunset Shimmer in some manner or other, only to find her true human counterpart.

Now, obviously, something has to have happened between these two events, like a bridge connecting two points. But what, exactly?

Random bit of headcanon; feel free to reject this.

Chapters (1)

According to an old law, Celestia and Luna must spend at least one day off from their usual duties. Celestia, caught off-guard initially, having forgotten of such a law, must find a way to occupy her time.

Coverart by Yakovlev-vad (not on Fimfiction). Title idea from here.

Part of my Hiatusbuster project. See here for more details.

Chapters (3)

Upon losing a bet with Rainbow Dash, per their agreement, Fluttershy must camp for one night in the Everfree Forest.

Coverart by Masserey (not on Fimfiction).

Written for knighty's birthday.

Inspired by this song.

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Happiness is a Warm Pony

As you pull it out of the box, you see that there's a design of a pony-- a mare-- printed on either side. She's blue-"furred", with a lilac mane and tail, falling down her back in waves. She stared up at the ceiling with blue-iris eyes. Then you realize it. An image of a mare-- sewn into a pillow-- one as tall as you are. Of course. This is a dakimakura. And a darn well-made one at that; the pony printed on its faces is amazingly lifelike.

Then it speaks.

Coverart by Badumsquish (not on Fimfiction).

Chapters (1)

Michæl Rosen is invited to be a guest speaker at the Ponyville schoolhouse. The story he tells to the fillies and colts is-- well, unusual.

Written for Michael Rosen's 70ᵗʰ birthday (7 May 2016). Happy birthday, buddy!

Chapters (1)

When Twilight discovers in the Canterlot Archives that a seventh Element of Harmony exists, this raises a few questions:

1: What quality is this seventh Element?
2: Where is the seventh Element?
3: Who represents the seventh Element?

The answers to these can be found at the source of the Elements itself-- the Tree of Harmony.

Written as an entry to Rage Review's "F███ This Prompt" #7. It did not win. Downvote as needed.

Big thanks to sunnypack for reading this over on Google Docs and making me feel like a fool.

Chapters (1)