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Sup viewers and fellow bronies and pegasisters. I'm Dogelol just an ordinary brony who likes reading and writing fimfics :derpytongue2: Im willing to become friends with everyone :rainbowwild:

Stuff I wrote

Stuff I'm working on.

One Nasty Apple (Sad/Tragedy/Dark) - Mature

Hole in One's Heart (Sad/Tragedy/Romance) - Everyone

Essense of Your Power (Slice of Life) - Everyone

Mind and Body of One (Slice of Life/Random) - Everyone

And alot of more

About me

Sup ! I'm a ordinary 16 years old student who loves writing and reading fics although I am not very good at writing . I also seem to have everybodies personality so preety much I like everything. I love making new friendships and helping people out. So if you got anything you need help with or just wana chat tell me.
Dogelol out!


New OC · 7:25pm Aug 17th, 2015

I got my new OC (which will be included in a upcoming story and a sequel to that story) made by the awesome Hearts Charm.

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*pokes* You alive, dude?

Ikr I couldn't find my old accounts picture, so I just went for the cutest one I could find. :rainbowkiss:

2109565 Oh hi :pinkiehappy:
Bad to hear that you deleted your account :ajsleepy:
But no problem im sure you will manage to get your things back :derpytongue2:
Also YAY FLUFFLEPUFF :pinkiehappy:

Hi. It's iluvcreepystuff. So, I was being dumb, and my computer deleted my old account. I kinda forgot my password as well, so, here I am! Just wanted to let you know. I'm currently trying to catch up and get all my things back. Still luv your pic!

Yay!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy:
(insert dancing pinkie pie gif here)

  • Viewing 32 - 36 of 36
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