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Show me your world and I'll show you mine. Maybe we'll both learn something.

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Updated 05/04/21

Recently posted:
Four Thirty-Three: Octavia's side of Silence and Motion.

Current projects:
The Dreamer and Me: Izzy Moonbow dreams about a pony with a mane made of stardust.
Curvature: The Weight of Worlds: Part 1, chapter 3 of The Weight of Worlds; Curvature must wrestle with being the mare in the middle.

In the works/planning stage:
Chapter 4 of Someone Else's Sun: Celestia experiences an altered Ponyville.

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Welcome, it was an interesting little read.

I swear I had followed you sooner- thanks for finding me, and keep on going with your fic, you've got this!

Man update this damn page.

Got people thinkin' you in a bad place and shit.

840223 never mind it all came out as one picture ill see if i can fix it

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