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For them, a dream. Like thousands of other dreams. For you, a story. Like thousands of other stories.

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Recently posted:

  • Shine Like the Sun: Part 5 of Equestrian Scions. Hitch Trailblazer has a legacy to live up to--a longstanding legacy of heroism. His family has always saved the day. But what does it really mean to live up to a legacy like that? Celestia has pondered that question herself, more than once.

Current projects:

  • Gregory: Songbirds: Part 2, chapter 2 of The Weight of Worlds. During the trip back to Equus Prime, Gregory frets over his adequacy, and the Papilion’s crew find something that shouldn’t be there [~500/~3000 words].
  • Chapter 4 of Someone Else's Sun: Celestia experiences an altered Ponyville.

In the works/planning stage:

  • Good Morning, Sun: Working title. A followup to the Equestrian Scions. Sunny Starscout wakes up to face the first day of a new Equestria.
  • Far Horizon: The Way the World Turns: An epilogue to part 1 of The Weight of Worlds. New Equus must come to terms with how they have been treating their so-called princes. Horizon and Curvature find each other leading the herd away from centuries of neglect--and have only each other to lean on in the process.
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