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Celestia awakens to find herself changed: she has, for reasons unknown, become an earth pony, waking in Fluttershy's living room. Something is immediately off about it though--namely, the fact that the pegasus is alive.

Luna, regressed to fillyhood, is surrounded by strangers who stroll about Canterlot Castle as if they own the place. Who is this Lord Winter, and where is her sister? And what's this about a war with the Dark Lord?

Cadance has suffered greatly for reasons she doesn't understand. Drawn south into a kingdom at once familiar and yet alien, she is offered sanctuary but comes face to face with the one who wronged her.

And between all three, one question remains unanswered: Where is Twilight Sparkle?

With Equestria turned upside down, ponies from past, present, and future intermingling, and with the ominous threat of a great danger set to befall the entire land, the three princesses must unravel the mystery of this altered world and uncover a way to return to their proper lives.

Preread, with my thanks, by Full Tome. While I'm fairly confident in my own grammar and mechanics skills, I appreciate any and all feedback. Feel free to point out my errors and inconsistencies.

Teen for language and violence. Dark tag for reference to overtly violent acts, though nothing explicit will be depicted.

Cover art by Kumkrum, used without permission. I'd like to source it better than that, but the artist's dA page doesn't seem to exist any more. If the image offends, I will gladly remove it.

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Sometimes you remember who you used to be. Sometimes your best friend helps put things in perspective for you. Sometimes you remember it's okay to be who you are.

Octavia's always got a shoulder.

Teen for mild language. I'm afraid I've quite forgotten where I got the cover art; if it's yours or you know whose it is, please let me know.

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Changing into a pony was one of those things I thought would never happen to me, like getting robbed or winning the lottery. I'm still waiting on the latter two, but the first... Well, it's not as awesome as it might have been, considering the circumstances.

Now I'm sharing a body with Lyra Heartstrings and I've got to find a way to get to New York. If something's going to go down, I'm going to be there for it. Nothing's going to stand in my way!

But it's strange, you know. The Lyra I got? Not really the Lyra I was expecting. What does it mean to be a background pony, anyway?

Submission for the Pony-Earthverse. Yes, I'm joining the bandwagon late. Please don't hate me.

"Other" tag is a stand-in for potential interaction with other stories. If necessary, tags will be revised.

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Equestria and its allies, including the newly reintroduced Crystal Kingdom, have pushed back their aggressors and won a short but brutal war against the extremist gryphon empire... but it has come at a price--Celestia, the divine, the unkillable, struck down in the dark by a toxin none save the gryphons even knew existed.

Now the responsibility of rebuilding and ruling Equestria falls straight onto Luna's back--or it would have. She has a more immediate problem in dealing with a power-hungry, dominating unicorn known as Trine, who has stolen her throne and locked her in her own dungeon. Now she has to get out and get even--but if she can't trust her own little ponies, who can she trust? And what about Trine's shifty second-in-command, singer-turned-swordfighter Sole Star?

Meanwhile, Canterlot is being blasted by a massive storm, and Blaze Bright thinks she knows who's behind it. She's going to put a stop to it, and so help her, Sole Star's sister Solemn is going to come along for the ride!

Co-authored by Apolline Allura. Will feature OCxOC, so don't worry, Luna is safe.

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Sometimes you don't need a sparring partner for your rapier wit; sometimes, you just need a shoulder strong enough to support you.

Fortunately, Octavia can do both.

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Even an immortal needs to step back and think sometimes.

Contained herein are a collection of stories centered around Celestia and Luna, from foalhood to marehood, from the beginning of time until the very end--happy times, sad times, times forgotten and times better left forgotten.

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