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Show me your world and I'll show you mine. Maybe we'll both learn something.


Changing into a pony was one of those things I thought would never happen to me, like getting robbed or winning the lottery. I'm still waiting on the latter two, but the first... Well, it's not as awesome as it might have been, considering the circumstances.

Now I'm sharing a body with Lyra Heartstrings and I've got to find a way to get to New York. If something's going to go down, I'm going to be there for it. Nothing's going to stand in my way!

But it's strange, you know. The Lyra I got? Not really the Lyra I was expecting. What does it mean to be a background pony, anyway?

Submission for the Pony-Earthverse. Yes, I'm joining the bandwagon late. Please don't hate me.

"Other" tag is a stand-in for potential interaction with other stories. If necessary, tags will be revised.

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So far I had avoided the ponyverse fics, but this actually looks pretty good. It earned my follow.

Staying home? But your other identity as a super hero awaits!

Have all of my likes! Also youve been added to the group officially, feel free to jump into the IRC when you are bored.

2366904 I'm going to gather this author is going into the canon section since the other Lyra cancelled?
Oh and to the author:
Have a cookie courtesy of a friend:

You sir.... I like your writing style! Keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

This one looks really great :D
I'll be watching this one with much interest ..... always...



... always watching.... <.<

This story is

I shall be following this story.

adventure, excitement, and danger.

Meanest grandma in history :fluttershysad:

and sweet, Lyra starts her adventure ^^
Cant wait for the next chapter
in the mean time have a bonbon :pinkiehappy:

Your grandmother getting into a rut. Perhaps, due to your newfound closeness to equine terminology, you could rephrase that a bit? :pinkiesick:


adventure, excitement, and danger.

The three things I love about this group.

Meanest grandma in history

I've heard of worse grandparents, trust me on that.
And in the spirit that _Kenzu_ has brought, Rainbow Dash has a few words for you.

2371567 Whoops! Thank you.

I finally remembered to get around to fix that. I'll try to avoid awkward terminology like that in the future except in cases where it's funny at all times.

Good to see you have a friend that's taking this well. :)

“For now,” she says again, spinning on her heel and pointing dramatically at me, “adventure!”

I read that and all I could think was Adventure Time with Lyra the Pony and Cass the Human.

If you need to save money, sleep in the car. It can be quite comfortable if you tilt the seats in the proper fashion.

and here's some fitting music for the start of your adventure!:derpytongue2:

Your friend is taking this incredibly well despite the lack of contact you had with each other. Now that's a friendship that can stand the test of time. Good luck!


Oh, she'll have her BonBon soon, alright. Just waiting for approval.


Really? :pinkiegasp:


Wait, you're not my pony, Pinkie, go back to Reid. But still. Awesome!

Woah. This is starting out well! Just one thing: you see, I'm following the Pony-Earthverse (or however you spell that) group for stories, and your is neither in the canon folder nor in the non canon folder... So... What is this? WHAT IS THIS!!!?!?!? .


An excellent question. Mine isn't in the canon or non canon folders yet because its status is in flux; it hasn't broken canon but has not yet intersected with any other stories established in the canon.

(At least that's my understanding: admins, if this is wrong, feel free to correct me.)

That said, I intend to fix that before too long.

Thank you for reading!

2425510 another folder needed: "Inter-canon space stories; not too canon but not too uncanon either"

at first i thought the crack sound was something like a gunshot glad it wasn't

Comment posted by Poyoarya deleted Feb 3rd, 2019


I see the value in your comment. That thought occurred to me as I was writing it. But remember that by the time all of this happens, the whole pony thing has been going on for a week. It's not common, maybe, but people have had time to get used to the idea.

This lady just happens to be the sort that's caught up and able to take things in stride. In her mind, ponies are people, too.

Comment posted by Poyoarya deleted Feb 3rd, 2019


Other stories in the 'verse have mentioned such an uprising. They're referred to as Lunar and Solar Guards.

Whether that will have an impact on my story remains for me to know and you to guess at.


Concord, felonious draconequus?

It's always nice to have friends that make good salad toppings

I love your take on the PEV and love your Lyra especially! Such a refreshing character perspective. Looking forward to more. :yay:

Another victim of the marshmallow dreams!

2605385 that makes you sound like a cannibal

How odd we all experience pillow-in-mouth disease. I'm thoroughly enjoying this. Keep it up! :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

You don't need to feel guilty about leaving my story in your read later list.
Honestly, I still need to read yours too. :twilightsheepish:

2444929, More like "a state of agreement" or "a simultaneous occurrence of two or more musical tones that produces an impression of agreeableness or resolution on a listener". But in this case, it's an actual name of an actual city.

Not bad.
The first chapter was a little shaky to start, but I've come to expect that and just rolled with it.
In an unrelated note, eccentric Lyra is best Lyra. :pinkiehappy:

Loving the story so far, and I'll have my next chapter up soon which will be referencing your continuity :pinkiehappy:

Love the IT reference, and good to know there's people who remember Watership Down, both book and movie were great. I look forward to reading more when I got the time

HA I managed to get through reading another chapter despite getting home way late before my other job! Mine just updated, with Lyra referenced in response to the Amethyst reference back in the earlier chapter! :twilightsmile:

Cass just introduced and already I like her, gotta love her priorities; Ponies before academic futures! :rainbowlaugh:

another great chapter, Travis finally meets Lyra! Her personality is adorable and I do love Cass's rather eccentric behavior as well.

Next time, ask her about seaponies.

“C-can I give you a hand, Lyra?”

I stared. Something told me this would not be the last time I would hear this joke.

:rainbowlaugh: Great timing!

Virginia? Oh my...

Amethyst: Virginia, huh? Come by, we'll swap stories and those five bits

Wat. New chapter wat. I'm so glad this updated, so yay.

I'm very excited to see how you write the next chapter, seeing as it looks to hold fans, and hopefully, friendship.

Always your excited reader,
Celestial Protege

Comment posted by Poyoarya deleted Feb 3rd, 2019

Holy shit, it lives! I had nearly forgotten about this whole group.

Yay! Nice to see this updated. It's a nice, no-obsessive way of portraying Lyra.

2729221I just got to it after pinkie both twilight rainbow flutter nightmare moon scootaloo one of the applejacks and changeling #51 SMELL ME ^.=.^:derpyderp1:

2371567agreed SMELL ME!!! ^.=.^ :rainbowderp:

That surprise part both surprised and confused me... Here... I... Go... TELEPORT!!!! ^.=.^ SMELL ME!!!! :scootangel:

2608995agreed... SMELL ME!!!! ^.=.^ :derpyderp2:

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