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For them, a dream. Like thousands of other dreams. For you, a story. Like thousands of other stories.


Luna is of two minds about Nightmare Night. She loves it, of course; she especially loves her visits to Ponyville, where she’s become a regular fixture. But there is another part of her that feels differently, that dwells overmuch on things past.

It is said that, over the last millenium, great strides have been made in the field of pony psychology. Perhaps she can find somepony to help sort out her complicated feelings?

Written as part of Bean's Writing Group. The prompt was “A Scream in the Dark.”

Cover art by MangaLuna, used without explicit permission. If use of the image offends, I will gladly remove it.

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Nicely written story. While it doesn't really bring too much new in terms of narrative, the way you constructed it is unique and I really enjoyed it. I'm fairly surprised it doesn't have more views and any other comments.

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