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First, bronies become characters from the show. I, along with most of the world, am not cut in for all this drama. Of course, I don't get to chose the fate behind who becomes ponies next. After a few self-injuries hoping to wake up followed by some screaming sessions, I'm now in the body of a pony who's ego challenges Rainbow Dash's (which, until now, I never thought possible). Now, I (am forced to) set off on a journey to New York while making new friends and whatnot...Yeah, I know. Nothing's that simple. It never is. You know those moments when you feel like the world is completely against you for the hell of it? Wake me up when luck runs in my favor.

Part of the PonyEarthverse. If you have not heard of the PonyEarthverse, I highly recommend looking into it before checking out my story. Remember, the events of the story take place BEFORE season 3. This is prior to 'Wonderbolt Academy'. The main character and everyone else will treat Lightning Dust as a background pony.

Also, a thousand "thank you"s to Clam Stacker for letting me use his awesome art as a cover image for my story.

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I don't see why this story has roughly as many dislikes and likes when it just came out. The grammar and wording, as well as pacing is nowhere near the worst of these stories I have seen, and while I reserve the like/dislike for later in stories, it has earned a fav. so as to see how it pans out. Heres to seeing what you have to show us!

2632041 I don't really take into consideration the initial set of dislikes. 5 of the 6 dislikes on "Equestria: Infinite" were from day 1 (and only 3 likes at the time). I like to see how it goes in the long run rather than right after publication

Pretty good, don't understand the downvotes.

Cruises are fun, and food is plentiful when you are on one.

Just wait till you realize that you are the ingenue, and therefore must fall for your rescuer by the end of the film.

Who was this filly on public television? When did this happen?

3139737...Oh damn. I just realized I made canon. I can delete that if you want. I often go into the media speculating what happens to the people turned. It can be taken as a different approach. That was meant to be deleted actually, but I hardly looked at it as a minor detail. PM me for any acceptable alterations before I goof up like that again.


Well, actually, Thorsday is the day of the DDR conversation. You can easily tack in Pinkie's line, and/or go to McPoodle's story and tack in his character's televised response.

3139790 Even better, please PM me the links so I may actually reference PEV canon rather than making my own. Thanks MasterWeaver :twilightsmile:

You're leaving your winter mint flavored buddy? Also, I wonder how many people thought of the words "A miserable pile of secrets" during this chapter

This is actually the best ponyearth story I've found, and the only one I don't dislike. It's definitely better written and more interesting to read than all the others I've tried (no offense against their respective authors, of course) and it actually makes me curious for the next chapter.
It's strange that this is one of the stories with the most dislikes.

"Am I?" Dust shifts into a replica of human me. "What is a human? Huh?

"A miserable little pile of secrets!"

"EEEEEEEEEEEEE"...Wait...My screams are supposed to have more 'A's in it.


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