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I'm Back · 7:05am Aug 29th, 2013

I revised the my PonyEarthVerse Story! Woohoo! I made this as a blog for the PEV followers who won't see that revisions have been made. I believe about 1000 pages of more content now, no biggie. Sorry Equestria: Infinite fans for pinging you just to show you that I'm working at the less looked at fic. It's not that I hate you, I just wanted to give out a universal quick message to everyone. (Hint: read the title.) I can already tell I'm back in the work pacing, and no, I will likely work not

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I Still Exist! · 8:04am Jul 28th, 2013

For those of you who actually hit that little Follow button down there, let me be the first to say, unfortunately, I have not died and am still capable of writing mediocre fics at night when bored. I will be completely honest with you, I have been lazy...all of yesterday. But every day since then I've been busy captured by an alien race that threatened the stability of intergalactic peace. My duties were unrecognized to the public mostly because I woke up right after that. Totally different

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Pacing · 11:28pm Apr 24th, 2013

Most of you people who hit that follow button are likely looking for updates of Equestria: Infinite. So, let me quickly recap what's going on with my other fanfic.

The Kingdom Hearts crossover has, by no means, been successful. I have already decided to put it on hold. In no way does this mean I abandoned it. It just needs HEAVY revisions before I can start posting more. Its simply too much work for me to handle now.

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