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First, bronies become characters from the show. I, along with most of the world, am not cut in for all this drama. Of course, I don't get to chose the fate behind who becomes ponies next. After a few self-injuries hoping to wake up followed by some screaming sessions, I'm now in the body of a pony who's ego challenges Rainbow Dash's (which, until now, I never thought possible). Now, I (am forced to) set off on a journey to New York while making new friends and whatnot...Yeah, I know. Nothing's that simple. It never is. You know those moments when you feel like the world is completely against you for the hell of it? Wake me up when luck runs in my favor.

Part of the PonyEarthverse. If you have not heard of the PonyEarthverse, I highly recommend looking into it before checking out my story. Remember, the events of the story take place BEFORE season 3. This is prior to 'Wonderbolt Academy'. The main character and everyone else will treat Lightning Dust as a background pony.

Also, a thousand "thank you"s to Clam Stacker for letting me use his awesome art as a cover image for my story.

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(Please note this story is not progressing until further notice but will remain on Fimfiction.)

Twilight questions a huge hole in history, the origin of Princess Celestia's rule over Equestria. Twilight's questions lead her to the princess herself, and reveal a past that was buried for a millennia. Celestia tells Twilight the story of Booker Dewitt. Though only a colt with a seemingly simple task to take away his debt, Booker's actions inadvertently shape the course for the entire future of modern Equestria.

Equestrian Era (EE) 112

Booker Dewitt is tasked to retrieve Elizabeth and bring her back to Manehattan. His journey is set in the mysterious recently lost land of Celestia, where Booker is tossed in the middle of the city's chaotic civil war. Though getting Elizabeth out of her imprisonment is easy, the duo must face the factions known as the Vox Equus, the Keepers of Harmony, and Songgriffon, Elizabeth's skywatching warden/guardian. Will Booker and Elizabeth escape or will they parish along with the decaying radiance of Equestrian ideals?

This idea has been bothering me ever since I saw footage from Bioshock:Infinite. The amazing part of the Bioshock series is the surrealism, the way the creators form a society limited to only that of the mind. Since Equestria is seen as a bright Utopia, a crossover opens up ways which we might envision the dark shadows of a newly established equine nation.

PS: Discord has a role which will take place near the end of the story.

Asked a friend to photoshop the game's logo. Did a good job too. Sorry, no links.

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