• Published 16th Feb 2013
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Equestria: Infinite (Bioshock) - ThatMrSomeGuy

When Twilight finds a huge gap in Equestrian History, she uncovers an ugly truth about an Equestria before Celestia's rule.

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2. From New Eden Soil

The vessel shot out like a cannon. The surge of the lift pulled Booker down to the chair he was still strapped to. A small window at the front of the vehicle he was in was shrouded by the thick blackness of the thundering clouds. Then, all of the shaking ceased and through the glass revealed a most surreal specticle. Sets of buildings spread out as far as the eye could see, each and every one suspended on the clouds. Massive air vehicles traveled between the gaps of the clouds. The buildings themselves weren't stationary neither. Each one was lightly ascending or descending. The vehicle slowly placed itself into the amazing scenery.

The vehicle must've had some coordinates or was controlled by magic, because it landed perfectly into a hole of one of the buildings. The vessel now lowered mechanically. Through the window were hollowed out plates lightened up by the sun:

We have been founded by the
principle of Harmony

It is non-existant in our government
and in our growing cities

We lost sight of our ways
until the prophet showed up

He promised new land that held
onto the Harmony we lost

He opened our eyes to our

And in that awakening, came

The metal plates were removed and now replaced by a stained glass window. The test above said 'Unbound from discord.' It displayed an old blue pony on a rock, holding his hooves out. One hoof to the viewer, and the other to the sunset horizon. Below were ponies crying as if they were in the presence of an angel, or a prophet.

Booker recognized the depiction all too well. Whoever that pony was, he took credit for this city, this... Celestia. Not only he took pride in it being his creation, everypony else did too. To Booker, though the display was magnificent, he saw this "prophet" as a madpony.

The latches on the chair pulled back and the front door opened. The room filled with candles on the floor. It was as if he had been in some fancy church. The stained glass window glimmered its colors, illuminating the inside. Booker’s hooves splashed as he exited the vessel.

“What the?”

The knee-high puddle spanned all across the floor. The halls echoed in prayer.

Booker proceeded through the halls to see a pony who likely saw his arrival. It must have been everyday a floating shuttle brings some random stranger from beyond, because his face was very calm when he greeted Booker.

“Father Clopstock always welcomes those who escape Sodom soil.”

“Father who? Sodom?”

“Father Clopstock is our prophet. The desolate land that which you came from is Sodom. Celestia, our city, is the Promised Land that is rid of the evils of Sodom. Celestia opens her arms to all who wish to cleanse themselves of their sins from below.”

The robed man followed Booker through the chapel. The water gradually rose and the rooms grew larger. The obviously largest main room contained a nave with several columns separating the hallways into subsections. Booker looked to his left to see other robed ponies walking parallel to him, murmuring in prayer. To his right was the same. The ponies flowing alongside him all chanted the same prayer at the same time. The gathered crowd strode to greet the priest at a gate. Through that gate was a gleam of daylight. That was, seemingly, the only way in.

“Do you wish to journey into Celestia, young pilgrim?”

“Uh…” Booker turned around to the others who have now formed a semi-circle in around him. “Sure. Whatever gets me through that gate.”

The old priest chuckled. “Passage is only granted to those who seek salvation. This gate separates those who wish to start anew, and those who leech on the resources of our great city. Which one are you, pilgrim?”

The priest extended his hoof. Booker grabbed it without thinking twice. The priest turned Booker around to face the crowd of white clothed figures. “This colt accepts the pilgrimage to Celestia. He is willing to start again in the road carved by the sweat of our Father Clopstock. Yet, he reeks of the Sins of Sodom.” Without warning, Booker felt two hooves press his face downward into the water. He could have easily held his breath if he knew that the crazy old man was going to shove his face in the water. As he arose and felt relieved that he managed to survive it.

“He still seems too dirty to be granted crossing to Celestia. Let us-“

Booker wasn't prepared for the second dunk neither. As quickly as the priest buried his head a second time, Booker saw his world fade.

* * *

“Open up Dewitt! I know you’re in there. You will bring us the mare!”

“No. I’m not doing it. Just call the damn thing off. I’ll do something else to pay you back.”

“Beggars can’t be choosers Mr. Dewitt! You will open this door if you know what’s best for you!”

Booker got up from his desk. He swerved back and forth in his drunken state. The floor of his office was littered with emptied bottles of beer. He swayed in a zigzag pattern to the door, though still unwilling to open it.

“Mr. Dewitt. You can’t run from us! Now open this door!”

“No. You can't make me do it. I’m….I’m not doing it.”

“Open this door!”

Booker accepted the inevitable and swung the door wide open. Outside was a top view of Manehattan, bombarded by countless zeppelins. Flashes of light could be seen all across the city. One of the warships turned to face Dewitt’s door. It launched a bomb right at him.


* * *


Booker throttled his head up. He was panting crazily. That priest needs to know the difference between baptizing and drowning. He pulled the rest of his body up to feel the water still inhabiting the floor, only this time, mere inches high.

Booker’s gaze turned to a squint, realizing that he was now in the city. In front of him were more robed ponies. This time, they were knelt in prayer towards three different statues. They were figures of Clover the Clever, Pvt. Pansy, and Smart Cookie, all leaning in grace to accept their prayers. In front of each pedestal was an embedded metal, engraving the word “Mother” followed by the three ponies’ last names. Mother Clover, Mother Pansy, Mother Cookie, Booker rang the three names in his head to get a feel of things. He couldn’t help burst out a quick laugh at the last one. Mother Cookie sounds so ridiculous.

Booker started questioning the citizen’s sanity. Nearly dropping him in water and worshipping Equestria’s founders in a religious procedure certainly dropped some points in Booker’s score count. He decided not to think too ahead of himself. It would be crazy not to think that this city doesn't have its fair share of loonies. Hopefully I've dealt with most of them.

Booker proceeded to a large wooden door. The City in the Sky awaited his arrival. Get in, get her, get out. Even after all the crazy things he's seen in a day that nopony had seen in a lifetime, Booker could not forget his objective. He held his breath in and opened the door.

* * *

If the massive size of the city didn't catch Booker's amazement when he saw if from afar, then up close, it certainly did. His floor descended slowly, giving Booker plenty of time to take in the setting. Flocks of Pegasi flew freely, without the restriction of the fractioned ground. Between the sets of structures of solid floor, parallel metal bars carried large cargo out into the unseen distance. The front of Booker's platform drew to a stop, and connected to the front of the city. That's how it all attached. The pieces floated independently until they linked with each other. The whole city was a self-moving jigsaw puzzle, interlocking constantly between fitting end pieces. The edge of the building docked at the main plaza and Booker headed through the brightened public streets.

Everywhere around, the citizens of Celestia were idly chatting, enjoying their peaceful day. They occupied the restaurants, filled up the benches, and laid down with their picnics. Everypony was busy occupying their leisurely day. Booker did his best not to look like it was his first time here. They might think he'd be up to something. He just strolled as if his mind too, was lost in the midst of a beautiful July day.

In front of Booker stood a towering statue. The figure intimidatingly stood on his hind legs to have both of his front legs present a radiant Celestia. His stature resembled another artwork in a very similar way. It was no coincidence. Clopstock. It didn't take a genius to see that it was the same pony from the stained glass window. He even had the same gesture. Booker didn't halt when he viewed the figure. He did however, slow down to eye it for a long while. He realized that he gave himself away with his foreign grimace. It's probably a requirement to worship this so called prophet. He turned around to see that the paranoia was already starting to get a hold of him. Not one pony noticed or cared that he didn't admire the statue. Booker hurried further down the only road available before he really did get something that interfered with him and the debt. It doesn't matter that I've been accepted as a part of the city. I don't like this place one bit.

Booker continued to make his way around the city. He needed some kind of viewpoint to make out where he needed to head. He pulled out a postcard in his pocket that gave him the name. Souvenir from Monument Island, Booker read from the card. Below the text was an image of a gilded bronze Alicorn. Great. I just need to find the giant Alicorn. Hopefully there aren't too many of those around here. Booker placed the card back in his pocket and continued walking.

One distinct odd thing about Celestia Booker noticed was that most of the shops were not open. It wasn't like they were out of business either. Everywhere he turned, stores had all of their supplies inside, just locked in. All the door signs flipped to say closed. It could be a holiday here, Booker thought to himself. He wouldn't dare get his answer conversing with the ponies. He could just imagine all the confused faces figuring out he isn't from this neck of the woods. Luckily, a sign right in front of Booker removed any need to discuss with the locals. A fair, huh? Guess there's no harm in that. He navigated his way through where signs were pointing. He could hear all of the residents out in the distance. He was near.

Something, however, stopped Booker dead on his tracks. It was a simple poster in front of a wall: 'The False Herder Seeks Only to Lead Our Alicorn Astray'. The message itself was very vague, but the image contained clear symbolism. In the background was Monument Island. A cloaked pony resembling death is walking a small white Alicorn with a pink mane. Between them and Monument Island's statue was a dirt path, and the two figures were heading in the opposite direction. It took Booker nearly an instant to figure it out. Monument Island, the road, the fact that getting the mare and out was the only thing he wanted to do. I am the False Herder. What got Booker nervous wasn't the fact that he knew he was one of the representing figures, but rather that he was a celebrity even before he boarded Celestia.

All around Booker, the eyes of the ponies turned to see the sweat traveling down his neck and into his vest. They all started crowding around him, murmuring things connecting him to the models on the wall. They kept their distance as if he was some kind of animal who escaped from the zoo. The voices turned to shouts, and Booker lowered his body so that his hooves can cover up the foul stench of the things they were saying about him. It didn't work. Booker felt a tap on his right shoulder.


The pony who tapped him jumped. As she was regaining her balance from that scare, Booker turned to see that everypony was minding their own business. He sighed realizing that he did not blow his chance of getting to Monument Island. Everything that happened since was just an imagination. The poster, however, was not made up. Booker blinked, and the image stayed.

"Sorry 'bout just tapping y'all like that on the shoulder stranger. Didn't knows ye'd be a jumpy fellah. I was just wondering if y'all wanted some mah flowers."

The mare's accent was heavy, but she meant no harm. In front of her was a basket covered in a rainbow of flowers. Not even she assumed that Booker was the False Herder.

"No thanks," Booker replied.

That was all it took for her to walk away. No questions, no weird looks, no suspicion whatsoever. After his snapback to the real world, Booker remembered something about the mare he needed for the debt. Searching through his pockets, he was able to find the photo of the mare again. He wanted to make sure that the poster was accurate. Sure enough, at the part of the blouse by the unicorn's flank, were a few pegasus feathers sticking out.

Author's Note:

A wild Plot Twist Appeared.

Go, Storyline. Use Flashback Recovery. (Meh. I'm bored. Decided to use a crappy Pokemon reference to start my note off.)

So this is basically the big connection to the main plot I am using. Elizabeth = Celestia. Don't worry everypony. I have 2 more wildcards to put here (but will likely turn up at the end of the story). The next post will go back to Celestia and Twilight's part. There will be alternating points between the two. The middle portion of the fic will likely not have as many transitions as you'd might expect. For now, enjoy your cliffhanger.

Edit: You know what, ignore what I said about the wildcards. I got an ending more confusing than the game's. No insults or compliments here. I just needed to mention I have a A LOT to do to make sure its understandable.