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Show me your world and I'll show you mine. Maybe we'll both learn something.


Sometimes you don't need a sparring partner for your rapier wit; sometimes, you just need a shoulder strong enough to support you.

Fortunately, Octavia can do both.

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A very moving story, made even better with the fact that there's no dialogue, yet the character's physical actions speak plenty loud :twilightsmile:

My stars, you can 5, and a 6th for the favorite

Interesting.. OctaVinyl ftw btw :moustache:
"Like, legit.." haha that's how my friends and I talk

I'm not sure what's with the ratings up there. This is an excellent vignette, full of feeling and demonstrating Vinyl's personality quite well. If I were to suggest anything it would be to center the piece more heavily around Octavia's line there "even the best musician needs a little silence," thematically and linguistically. It's already there a little but I think it would be more satisfying if it were reinforced.

Wow, this was really good.

If you could do a sequel, That would be awesome.

very very nice! and before anything else: i agree with hasee, this needs a sequel! or we just need more stories by you I'm not entirely sure yet :twilightsmile:

Great work! I usually don't read stories that lack dialogue, but I'm glad I gave this a shot. This was nice. I'm glad I read it.


I'm going to be nitpicky here and ask how you know whether a story has dialogue or not without reading it. :p

But I am very grateful you read it and enjoyed it. Thank you for your comment.


I just skimmed over it before actually reading it, so I saw it didn't have dialogue in it.

slight tears were shed :fluttercry::pinkiehappy:

I was referred to this story by the user Daetrin, and I must say that this is beautiful. The transitions from showing us what was happening to Vinyl's thoughts were seamless, and everything here just flowed. The conflict was beautiful and the minimalistic approach to the action was fantastic. The is very well written. Favorited.

You know, I'm finding it a bit difficult to articulate my thoughts about this.

I know I felt something, I'm still feeling it actually, and it feels great if I'm being honest, like a subtle tingling and warmth in my chest, a small hitch in my breath. Does that sound like happiness? I think it does.

This was short, but it was so sweet. We were given a picture, a small glimpse of a small moment, but it spoke volumes, and it alluded to so many other pictures and so many other moments. You slid character into little offhand comments that flowed away with the stream of conscious thought, and it worked so well. The pros was neat, and Vinyl's over reactions were funny and well placed, all the better to let us see who she is and what she's like. And on that topic, I liked both their characters here. It was a comforting little scene, but it gave depth to their dynamic, and in my opinion (a shipper's opinion, mind you) it's the first stepping stone in a series that will lead elsewhere, to more intimate topics.

Well, if you could make anything out of that, hopefully it's that I really liked this story, and I hope to see more from you in the future. Stories like this are what I'm here for :twilightsmile:

(I also owe Daetrin a thank you)

Daetrin sent me, and I'm glad he did.
Beautiful story.
Only one thing off that I saw:

you aren’t losing your touch, no, you’re just in a funk,

You've got a double space after "no,".

One thing that I really liked was:

Okay. Okay. She could do this. Challenge accepted, Miss I’m-So-Dextrous-Look-At-Me-Play-My-Cello.

Well, I liked the whole thing really, but copy-pasting the entire story down here is apparently something you shouldn't do.

I liked the whole thing, but I loved the narration that Vinyl gives throughout this piece. Looking forward to see more from you.

That was fucking stellar, you ought to be proud.

Now give us more octa-scratch.

I mean shit, that's going to be playing on my mind for a while now.

So I log in tonight, half to find something new and entertaining to read, and half to go back--to this story, actually--and remove the author's note at the end artificially inflating my word count, and what do I find? No less than 28 notifications--a wonderful slew of comments, and not less than a dozen and a half new favorites.

You will have to forgive me, as I have committed one of the cardinal sins of the internet and not stockpiled a series of reaction .gifs; but if I had, well, just imagine Pinkie blasting off like a rocket from A Friend In Deed, that'll do nicely.

To say that this was exciting was an understatement. Daetrin commenting on my story in the first place was exciting; and not to diminish that act in any way, but the fact that now, months and months after this story's publishing, he remembers it and directs his not-insubstantial fanbase (is that the right word? probably not; don't hate me) to it? Daetrin, you are a wonderful person, on top of being a wonderful author.

Oh gosh, let me see if I still can't remember my thought process as I wrote this. I didn't set out meaning for it to be minimalistic or stream of consciousness, because, little-known secret, I can rarely stand to read steam-of-consciousness, and feel I have a difficult time writing it. But this was one of those rare moments, those beautiful gems of inspiration, that struck me one snowy evening in a college dorm, so I sat down--with one break, and that to grab a quick bite to eat--and wrote, and this, barring a few post-publishing alterations, is what came out.

Apparently my rabid distrust for stream-of-consciousness isn't as well-founded as I thought.


I set out to make people feel feels, so I suspect in that regard it was a success! Alas, if only there had been other reviewers like yourself during the time I initially published it; I relish this kind of commentary.

As I said above, I tend to dislike stream of consciousness, in the sense that whenever I intentionally set out to write it I find myself failing; but this little snowflake of inspiration struck the right spot on my brain, and this came out, without me once stopping to think that I was writing what I wasn't sure I'd enjoy reading.

On a final and tangential note, yours is the best icon on the site. Perhaps I should pull Okami out and give another shot at finding all those accursed beads...


Thanks for spotting that. I wrote that on the computer I had before this, and it had a notably sticky space bar that occasionally saw fit to drop extra spaces into gaps. It will be edited immediately after I post this comment.

1834221 1835186

Thank you both very much.

And for those of you that seem to want more from me, well... I happen to have some old half-written and never-finished ideas for potential OctaScratch things rather like this. Let's see if I can't dust them off and finish them properly.

Thank you all, and thanks to Daetrin for remembering little old quiet me.

1836749 Aww, why thank you. Ammy is the best Goddess of the Sun, and quite probably the most adorable little creature you'll ever stumble upon. It was a stroke of luck that I found the picture on DA, and I think it accurately portrays why the game is awesome. It's cute, it goes it's own pace, and it never takes itself too seriously.

And on that note, I honestly believe it's impossible to find all those crafty beads without resorting to an online guide (at least, that's what I had to do... don't tell anybody >_>).

Also, I'm glad that you enjoyed the comment. I greatly enjoyed the story, so we can probably count it as a slightly weighted, semi-fair trade :twilightsmile:

Daetrin recommended this one, and I found out that Not Worthy has read this and therefore I read it as well.

And here I come to find a really, REALLY good read. It is not the normal OctiScratch out here. This shows a POV less taken by other writers. And the lack of dialog fits the title, or is the title the theme? :derpytongue2: Its a sweet story and it just so happens to be the holidays that I appreciate this with godly glee! :trollestia:

I would be considered rude and selfish of me to ask you to make more OctiScratch. But then again, I am not very persuasive unless I use this pony against you: :twilightsmile:

Really nice, and my favorite ship too, I'll be checking out your other stuff for sure!


I'm flattered, but you won't find much there; but I am glad you enjoyed this

2013 goal: write more OctaScratch, because it is best ship. Well, one of the best ships. There are several.

Actually, itching to write one right now. Alas, this afternoon looks to be a busy one for me. I'll see what I can get done in the evening.

Been sitting in my read-later for a while, glad I kept it here. Great story. Very well written, thanks for the read.

I've came back here. To re-read this story. And most importantly, to necropost the following:

This isn’t exactly shippy, and it isn’t meant to be; it can be taken as a gesture between two friends and left at that, if that’s your cup of tea.

No. No it can't. Don't lie to yourself :D

3656442 You've come back? You were here before? :o

But thank you for the comment, and I suppose it's true. :p

3662267 Well I read-faved-upvoted it before, so I guess that counts ^^

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