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I have no Bio, I was born yesterday.

What used to be bio until they removed it (For reasons of "Why not")

I was born yesterday. Everyday. Don't question me.
Also, 4th dimension is best dimension.

Also, If you like TF2 and want someone to play with (Or if you need more steam friends because you are all alone) feel free to add me! Oh, and tell me you come from here, else I may delete you :/

Also also, if you want someone to review your work and correct mistakes before publishing, I can help you. Just ask me, and I'll see what I can do.

If you read this, feel free to greet me with "Feliz gazpacho", so I know you are awesome!

Also also also, I know Spanish, so if you have some Spanish needs, I can help with that too!



✓ Moustaches earned:
This makes it 1!
There goes 2!
Third one!

✓ High sex-appeal: Got a follower without any story published (Or written) Max followers without stories: 6

✓ What are you, a dictionary?: Create a recognized adjective
(Moon Menderish: Something beyond awkward)
Secret text is Secret. If you have read this, insert these numbers in a comment: 129837198237

✗ I made it and they ignored it: People who do not like reading profiles, or reading at all, or Fluttershy, or puppies and kittens, or are just very VERY funny: 4

✗ Genocide is magic: Users who went out of their way to kill fluttershy:
This guy with 4000 dead fluttershys
This guy with extra dead puppies

Awesome people!

THIS GUY! Go check him out. Like, now. Close this page, open it again, click the link. And check out his story Succession, Dark, but AWESOME. Did I say this guy is awesome?
THIS OTHER GUY. His stories are so awesome that I can only read one chapter at a time. More and I would explode. Definetly read his timey-warpy-whatever-adventure-death-thing he wrote. Worth every penny. And second

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1971398 Oh, man. Fluttershy was doing so good. WHY? WHY DID YOU THANK ME?!

Thanks for the fave on One Heck of a Case! :twilightsmile:

1397847 I read it, I liked it! Easy, right?

How did Birth of the Doctor earn the fav?

1321364 Oh god, so many dead Fluttershys...

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Don't thank me for favs

Every time someone thanks me for favoriting their story, in another universe some Fluttershy dies in horrible pain while kittens and puppies burn by her side. If I fav your story, it's because I like it, not as a favor. Please stop. Thanks.