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First time of writing my own stories on here since the first episode of my little pony friendship is magic.


One unlucky boy by the name of Lucas who didn't have a good life gets a second chance after stumbling upon an abandoned hard drive disc in a cheap store. Lucas later wakes up from his sleep when he suddenly found himself in a different. What new adventure and challenges will he face? Can Lucas make it back to his own world, or will he perhaps decide to stay and help restore this world from a certain threat of danger?

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I’ve always loved the idea of cyber ponies but could never figure out how it would work in a text-only story format. A comic story format I could see but my art skills aren’t up to the task.

Good start so far, can't wait for more my dude.

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:moustache:

Good start. A little short for my taste but you have my attention.

hmm this is interesting will keep an eye on it :twilightsmile:

Ponybots... seems interesting, something different at least.

Love the cover art

OK so now you have my attention

i love it. can you ask us when you write new chapter?

Hopefully soon enough. Just trying to take things slow and not rush the story chapters in.

summer is coming. my family (minize mom) are go camping and i happy go camping we go corttin house to stay there. do you like camping?

Well, this is different...

You've caught my attention, Neutral.
Hope to see more soon, just don't rush yourself. :twilightsmile:

any idea when we can expect an update and new chapter?

Hopefully before the end of June. Had some roadblocks of getting some coins on my game, rare blades & salvaging, reading some books, and watching recordings. Helps take my mind off and relax sometimes.

So all the ponies are Anthro Cyber versions of themselves, was this Equestria always a Cyber world or what, also I just got to know what's going to happen next, please update soon.

It's a mystery and yes I'll update another chapter soon after I update my other story.

i'm happy news chapter is up. also, have you thinking of like mlp/total drama island harem version anthro and massive height and size?

Unexpected but not unwelcomed. Can't wait for more.

Signs of a good story character building slight world building and for some foreshadowing now if this chapter a bit longer it be perfect

Now Fluttershy is carrying Spitfire to her home to get her fixed her. Upon arriving at her home, her eyes widen of seeing the two missing unicorns right by her front door

get rid of the her after fixed

The story has a good base to be a bad ass fic but there are quite a few mistakes and the flow of it seams to be rushed to me. Maybe do some editing?

I like it the only thing that I have a problem with is that the chapters are really short. Please write more though

Very interesting, but will there be a sequel?

I might think about that, depends on how my story will hold up. I'm trying to keep it going, interesting, and mysterious.

Hey, when will the next chapter come out, if you need any help let me know

Lot of interesting developments in this chapter.

I not sure if there gonna show human soon.

well it's about time but do try to make the chapters longer:twilightsmile:

hay when will the next chapter come out?:heart::fluttercry:

hay you need to do more chapters on this story

Don't worry, the human discovery will show up soon.
I'll d my best.
I know, I know.

I'm trying my best here and after I update my other story, I'll come back to focus on getting this next chapter work in progress.

Finally, after 2 whole Years!
This Story Is not Dead! :raritystarry:

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