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  • EThe Misanthrope
    A misanthrope brony is Equestria's first contact with humanity, and will be interviewed so Celestia can decide whether to form diplomatic relations with earth. Or at least, that's what he's told.
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Why Celestia Must be Lying · 12:55am Aug 28th, 2013

Note that the following sets of computations assume that magic is bound to conservation of energy, and that Equestrian physics closely or exactly match our own. Furthermore, they ignore the possibility of Equestria's sun being a small artificial construct, and are heavily simplified so I could do them in less than an hour.

This data is meant to apply to HiE or PoE stories where it can be assumed that physics are similar enough that humans can survive in Equestria, or po ies oh Earth.

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Thank you so much for the favorite on one of my stories!:twilightsmile:

Thank you for the favorite of Celestia Sleeps in with a Vengeance!

thanks for the fave! :pinkiehappy:

Ah thanks, i actyally need this kinda thing, without the comments section.
To answer your first argument, as you said we cant know anything for sure then how can you make an argument based on the facts that we have if we dont even know if the facts are true, if reality is what we think it is or if we are in the Matrix..
Second, sorry 'bout that as i like to wander in my mind, not the opposite.
As to that surviving thing, we have to have some.. guidelines, if you did choose everything at random, then ofc, we might have a scenario where a bunch of ponies might even be worse off than a single human.

Actually, we can just discuss this on my wall.

To explain, there are two possible arguments we could be having.
1. An argument concerning whether it is possible to argue about ponies.

For that argument, you claim that, no, since we can't "know" anything about ponies for sure, then we can't argue about them. My argument is that we can use knowledge of probability and physics, inferences from the show, and some basic assumptions to make valid arguments.

2. An argument about whether a randomly chosen pony or a randomly chosen would be better at a set of random tasks that does not favor one or the other inherently. (Flying contests would be out, as would magic contests or hot dog eating contests, but larger concepts like "war" or "survival in x location" would be in.) The specific task I'm using is surviving on an random abandoned island alone

I've made several arguments concerning this, but after your original post I responded to, you instead tried to argue about argument #1.

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