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G5 is set after a long time after the events of friendship is magic. Where the Equestria we knew in FiM is now known as "Ancient Equestria".

This group is for hosting stories in where Ancient Equestria and Modern Equestria come in collision with each other. Some ways these may happen are:

  • A G4 character coming to G5 in some way
  • Exploring the history of Ancient Equestria by G5 characters
  • G4 being a direct motivation for any G5 character

In addition, discussion about what happened during the time between the two generations is encouraged.


1. Please only add relevant stories to the folders.
2. Please keep discussions somewhat related.
3. Be respectful to each other and don't dismiss an idea only due to a dislike.

If you want to become an administrator, do not be afraid to contact me.

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