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G'Day horsefans, and welcome to my area of limited explanation.


It only took us a Decade. · 6:46am February 7th

But we did it. We tipped the Ice Burg.

(edit, doesn't look to be working so here

And the Plaque (Here)

My Penguin is over 3200 days old, I've been about for every major (and quite a few minor) updates, the Disney acquisition, almost everything.
I remember the hushed whispers on servers, of penguins who had a secret job, of special spy stuff.
I remember The first puffles.
Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, all the meet-able Characters, never once seeing them for myself. I remember the Theater and subsequent rumours of a Golden Puffle. I did see this once though, like, three days before the official announcement but I saw it none the less.
On the Ice Burg, seeing all these people in dark blue with jackhammers, the Burg itself ACTUALLY swaying, I got genuinely excited.
I cheered very loudly when it did.

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Look at dese fools.

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Hay look I actually got things out!

I like the yellow ones.

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I made a (multiple) Thing!

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I will consider it a second favorite, then. I thank you.

2404036 I will most definitely be reading the Sequel, but unfortunately the first two folders were clicked by accident. Still a good read though.

Thanks for the faves! Glad it made an impression!
You're awesome! :rainbowdetermined2::yay::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::moustache::raritywink::ajsmug:
Read the sequels for more if you like. :pinkiesmile:
The Countess is going to get what's coming to her.

Thanks for adding A Shadow Of The Dusk to your shelf! Honestly, when I first wrote it, I thought it would get some hate. Haven't got any yet, instead, I got support. But I personally think that shelf is the right place for it- between like and fave. :twilightsmile:

2400950 Thank you for writing Dinkyloo.

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