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G'Day horsefans, and welcome to my area of limited explanation.

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Co-llabor-a-tive Pony, Co-llabor-a-tive

Ohh, no, Faust, Dammit...

(Damnit, Wattle!)

[Wattle Blossom]

I used to have a body of my own

{Dawn screaming in background}

(And I liked it that way!)


Until I came along and punch a tech thing!

It’ll be an adventure


No it won’t


It’s a beautiful day


This is all your fault!


We’ll find!


I don’t care!

My machines were almost all complete


We are one little pony!



I... We... just don't know, it started out serious, but... then it wasn't, and then we rewrote it to never have been... I mean, we're posting it, sooo... It might be a read...

Co-Written by Piece Bot  

First Published
21st Apr 2017
Last Modified
21st Apr 2017
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