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Discord is being plagued by a bad dream. Who can help him unravel the labyrinth of his ancient and confused mind? Sometimes help can come from the least likely places.

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Awww that was AMAZING!! :D

The bit with Pinkie Psychiatrist was hilarious, and Discord's thoughts and fears are very believable.

"How would you describe yourself?"
"Spectacular," came the immediate reply.


And his gravitating towards Fluttershy is so sweet. I like the reasons you gave for it.

In my head, Discord finds her irresistable because she's Kindness and he's never had kindness before- therefore it's a great novelty (plus it feels good). It's deeper than that of course, but that's how the seed was planted.

Great job!

5957109 thanks, so glad you liked it. It was a lot of fun to write. I like the idea of being drawn to kindness because he hasn't had it before too.

I get the 'opposites attract' theme here, and it's done awesomely, despite me seeing their relationship differently. Good job:twilightsmile:

This story is realy good and sweet.:yay:

Is there any hope for a story whit Fluttershy point of view?:trollestia:

5957859 thanks! How do you see their relationship? I do enjoy new perspectives.

5958287 glad you enjoyed it :). I wonder if I could do justice to a Fluttershy perspective story. I'll give it a try.

5962353 Fluttercord is my OTP because of the fact they share similarities, yet also have differences that, when expressed, compliments the others' flaws.
For example, Discord is confident and sure of himself. Being around him has a confidence-boosting effect on Fluttershy. On the other hoof, Fluttershy is incredibly compassionate and kind, and being around her would drive Discord to be more considerate of others.
These differences, in my opinion, could easily keep them apart if it weren't for their similarities - both are loners, both have (supposedly) experienced bullying, etcetera.
That's how I see them; that's how I ship them.

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