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OMG this one-shot. xD Nice work, sis.

Also, read end should be REAR end. ^u^ Your editor~

This story isn't even punny. Do you know what i say to this? Neigh!

"This is hilarious!"
"Nuh uh, it's fan fiction!"

The Kelp is real in this story.

(Kelp is actually a real thing though)

What do you call a pony prostitute? a WHORSE! :facehoof:

5322043 Yeah, Kelp is real, that's why that joke worked!~

5322141 I've heard that one plenty~

Animal Crossing is full of puns.
So is LittleBigPlanet
And about 10 other games I play.
If I wrote a story every time I heard a pun, I would have more stories and Sir Hat and RainbowBob combined.
So great story, though I guess I'm a freak if the God of Chaos doesn't like bad puns.

5322261 *chuckles* Yeah, games use puns a lot~ And we're all freaks!~ :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:


Ba Dum Tiss :rainbowhuh:

You get an up vote!

...Is it bad that I actually enjoyed some of these puns? :twilightsheepish:

Anyway, I couldn't resist finding these videos:

Twilight screamed. Discord screamed. Wilhelm screamed, far off in the distance. Lots of screaming happened.

Discord grumbled under his breath. “Let’s go see the witch doctor then.”
Twilight glanced at Discord. Was he… suddenly very superly attractive? And why did she have the urge to say ‘Oo ee oo ah ah’ like a monkey?

Ting tang walla walla bing bang!

5322396 Thanks for the vote and the comment~

5322421 I enjoyed the puns myself~ Also, xD Those videos.

The wilhelm scream, and the witchdoctor parts got me the most :P :rainbowlaugh:

5322818 Why thanks~ Those were some of my favorites as well, but my best work was probably the Prench 'Ze Bra'

5323073 I just googled what that meant in "Prench" (whatever) and now that is my favorite. I was too lazy to do it before :P
Keep up the good work!

Puns, eh? I can just see Mike from FNAF having a blast with this. He is the master of puns. Do not take that wording lightly.

5323392 Thanks for all the comments, and glad you enjoyed~ (I'm thinking of a bonus chapter~)

Also, if you didn't get the cussing >> <<
One Liner Censor Bars. I'm silly.

That's punny. :rainbowlaugh:

Sounds like someone took a brief trip to /r/dadjokes (top all-time) for those last puns. Still, while not wholly original, that constant stream of puns was great!

5324985 I actually just pulled those jokes off the top of my head. While not all of them are original, most jokes have been said at least once before~ Thanks for the compliment!~

5324964 *claps hands* Punny, an oldie but a goodie~

5322261 don't forget about akumokagetsu.


5324276 In the FNAF fandom, the character you play as in the first game, Mike Schmidt, is a pun master. Seriously. A pun for everything. I have seen quite a few roleplayers do him and the amount of puns was hilarious.

This is pundumonium. :pinkiecrazy: yes I went there I am...

5326581 *claps hands* Never actually heard that one before~

5326608 I have heard it... a lot. So much in fact that what drove me insane was hearing that so much.

What's the range of a tuba?
20 yards, if you have a good arm.


They get worse....

How do you fix a broken tuba?
With a "Tuba Glue"

Or there's the joke that's only funny if you know music and baseball.

A symphony was performing Beethoven's 9th in a park one afternoon, but it was so windy that the musicians had to tie their music to the stands. When the tubas finished playing their part in movement 1, they decided, since they had 2 movements of rests, to sneak off to the pub across the street. So they sat in the pub, downed a few, and listned to the orchestra. When they heard the pickups to their part they therw money on the ocunter and stumbled into the street. THey could barely keep from falling over as they ran to pick up their tubas, but even worse, they couldn't untie the music. They were pulling and tugging but the string was so tight that they fell over from the effort. Just then, the conductor looked back and thought, "Oh lord, it's the bottom of the 9th, the score is tied, and the basses are loaded!"

5327476 HA! THOSE ARE FANTASTIC! :rainbowlaugh:

5327585 Thanks... I try not to misbehave like this in public, but...

5327595 I always misbehave in public :rainbowwild:

The "oo ee oo ah ah" thing got me :rainbowlaugh: it's been a loooooong time since I've heard that song (which is probably a good thing) :facehoof: this fic was brilliant though :rainbowlaugh:

I only just now got the pun on the cover image.

5331434 if you do happen to do a bonus chapter or a sequel it might be punny if it was about Princess Celestia having to deal with that curse since she clearly was affected by it made obvious by her 1 & only line at the very ending of this story/chapter.

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