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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


This story is a sequel to Twilight Sparkle And the Very Confusing Day

There were a few loose ends after Discord, who had turned into Eris, had gone into season and turned the entire world upside down in order to create enough chaos for favourable draconequus breeding conditions. Celestia had released the Flutterbeast upon Eris, restoring order and gender normality all over the globe.

Except not everypony and everybody changed back. Males who became mares and became pregnant, stayed mares, Eris' final parting gift of confusion and chaos in the world.

Both of the sexes are now so much more aware of each other's needs following the events of the Great Swap, and Eris' chaos had the unintentional side effect of creating a new level of harmony in the world, as suddenly everypony and everybody now had first hoof (or firsthand) experience in being the opposite sex.

Eris going into season also created the ideal conditions for the apocalypse.

Edit: Featured on Sunday, April 20th, 2014! Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!

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Luna is going to have her own army. From Luna's loins, the Lunar Rebellion rises again!

Judging from the roses and the totally self-satisfied attitude Discord had about the eggs, I don't think Discord wants Applejack, or anypony, to feel sorry for him. I also don't think those screams Twilight heard from Eris during her breeding encounter with the Flutterbeast were screams of pain. Well, maybe, but fun pain.

Being the last of his kind, and more or less treated as a hideous monster by the majority of ponies, I suspect Discord really, really likes feeling wanted. And the Flutterbeast is both totally chaotic and wants Discord too much to control herself. I think he's having more fun than he's ever had before. Though he'll totally show off his bruises to Fluttershy to get her to be all sympathetic and cuddly and you poor dear, what did I do to you, let me make you soup and cater outrageously to you all day to make you feel better...


Yeah... THIS!


Don't worry, no ponies or draconequus were harmed during the making of these stories. :rainbowkiss:



This is brilliant! Fluttershy and Discord are into sadism and masochism, but somehow Fluttershy is the sadist, and yet she's still as shy about it as everything else.

.......The New Lunar Republic..

....Ok, i officially want an accurate count of all of Luna's herd...Just don't let it get over 40. Unless Luna had all the speed of a Double Rainboom when she has sex (Finishing in ten seconds flat), there is NO WAY she could have done it. In fact, i have trouble imagining it over 15..

..Now i imagine herds as one big extended family thing.


Luna frolicked with a dozen guards that night and was still frolicking when it was time for Celestia to raise the sun.

Twelve times five...

Flutterbeast :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

amazing story already, i'm not sure how you dont have more followers

Oh my... Well, sure to the title, the world is screwed. XD

So instead of dick jokes, it's fart jokes this time?

I see.


Well, most of the dicks vanished.

Next story will be farting dicks, I promise.

My god, it's full of.... it's full of....

....gas apparently. :applejackconfused:

4262485 first a sequel now a trilogy? how amazing can you get?!


The potential might be there. I don't know how long I can keep this silliness up without busting my funny bone.

4262525 well it doesnt have to be ALL silly does it?


Well, there is also the romance, the making out, the family bonding, and uh, I'm forgetting something important... Not sure what.


Oh yeah!

Babies! ✓

4262562 you also forgot the random tag, i feel like thats pretty important


You are correct sir!


4262577 we should totes do a collab some day :P


Maybe, but I snort a few rails of chaos daily... You'd have to be mad. :twilightoops::pinkiecrazy:

Are you on drugs?

4262586 lol is that a challenge? :rainbowdetermined2:


Not any more...


Since I've learned how to Hail Eris, I take my daily dose of Fnord and I'm just fine.

Now We know the true cause of smog. Tis not the fart of cow or frog. All is the work of pregnant mares. Passing gas everywhere.

(Edit: I just realized how fun commenting in rhymes is)


A very frogulent observation. :moustache:

i can't stop laughing, it's making me cry

I find the word flatulants alone to be funny but this... Omg. To much! Too much! LMFAO!!!

Good sir you seem quite mad.

Dude... I haven't laughed so hard in ages... this is BUCKING GOLD.

4261770 60. And holy shit, that's a lot.

The gas does nothing for me. I mean, R63 + not taking yourself seriously = dick jokes, naturally. That made me laugh, because it was appropriately immature. The fart jokes in this story seem nonsensically, inappropriately immature. I'd much rather have more jokes based on morning sickness and mood swings.

..Oh god what the fuck.

Luna, stop blocking out the sun with farts!

What a strong feeling story. Strong feelings of gas at least. :rainbowlaugh:

So now I have this utterly hilarious mental image.

As soon as Twilight figures out what's going on with the quints, she goes to confront Discord (who is curled up around his eggs, smugly insisting that they are the most wonderful eggs that have ever existed in the history of Equestria and refusing to have any kind of discussion about anything with anyone until they admire his eggs). Discord hadn't consciously cast the spell in the first place, his body just kind of did it while he was Eris, so he wasn't aware of the quints. Once he finds out, his first reaction is total glee at the chaos that will ensue. But then Twilight points out to him that pony mares are not built to have five liveborn at a time (also possibly pointing out that his situation was completely different as an egg layer, and he'd have had a different opinion if he'd had to be pregnant), and that so many quints being born will result in birth defects, stillbirths, maternal mortality, infant mortality, infanticide, and neglected or abandoned foals.

At which point, Discord -- who may be male, but is still brooding eggs, and if you've ever met a broody chicken you know it can play almost as much havoc with the emotions as pregnancy can -- breaks down and starts crying hysterically, because he can't handle the thought of causing harm to foals. And since he has no normal experience of protective emotions, he has absolutely no defense against the way his hormones are demanding that he Protect The Eggs, And Also All the Young Creatures In Existence Ever. (OK, maybe I just think this is hilarious because this is more or less how I felt when I was pregnant, but the idea of a broody Discord is just too funny to pass up.)


"but the idea of a broody Discord"

Ha-HAH! Multiple entendre!

I can handle dick jokes. I can handle fart jokes. But you brought it to a crescendo with Luna's Fartchestra.
It's been three minutes and I'm still laughing. Send help.

Well the Comedy tag wouldn't be appropriate unless the pregnancies all result in healthy children in loving families but it looks like the Chaos magic inherent in the conceptions is going to cause just that before this is all over.

This... will NOT end well.

Every other part of the story:

Reads the last sentence:


Wait, I thought Apocalypse had a pretty clear meaning...

Did I miss something?

**Looks around in a confuzzled fashion**

4264261 Well, I didn't think you would fill the world with DRACONEQUUSES!!! Jeez... I thought you meant like, billions of children, not the end of life itself...


That was PURE GOLD.


Am i the only one who wants a bonus shapter with chrysalis day as a male drone?

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