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The boredom of Thursday evenings gets to Twilight Sparkle, and she decides to create a fun meet-at-home club.

The problem is that she doesn't create a book club. Seriously Twilight. You're a librarian. I mean, come on. Book club didn't occur to you?

Sigh... no. Twilight's idea is Cauldron Club! Yes, Cauldron Club! Cute name for a potentially catastrophic alchemical disaster, isn't it? Now anyone with a desire to dabble in the arcane and... disturbingly reactive world of potion-making can gather in a single place to celebrate their mad science harmless hobby!

Potion-making can be a dangerous hobby, Twilight. More-so if that hobby is shared. What could go wrong?

Oh, and... bring your own cauldron.

This story takes place between "Keep Calm and Flutter On," and "Magical Mystery Cure," and so features unicorn Twilight.

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Ok this sounds amusing.:pinkiehappy:

Joke prediction:

Despite the setup, the spell Trixie's is actually trying to make is the wings spell Twilight cast on Rarity in Sonic Rainboom. Someone else is going to make the Want-It-Need-It spell and feed it to her, accidentally or otherwise. It will be the CMCs. Since catastrophic screwups like that are always the CMCs fault.

Heh, this looks promising and amusing. I'll be keeping track of this one, for sure.

Derpy frantically tried to put out some of the fires with a lightning cloud, starting several more in the process.
Discord, his eyes locked on the panorama before him, and his mouth hanging open, began a slow clap. "There are no words," he said, his eyes unwavering and now brimming with tears.

Looks like this part here needs a quick edit. The line breaks didn't work it seems.

Oops! Yep! Looks that way! Thanks for the eagle eyes!

A little meme heavy here and there, but still very amusing.

I find it ironic that Zecora is the one that's suspicious of other ponies now, seeing as she was subjugated to the same thing not too long ago. Granted, it is Trixie she's suspicious of, so maybe it's warranted. :trixieshiftright:

Cutie Mark Crusader Flutter Ponies! Yay!

Only one night and this is what we get. The second showing's going to involve Great Old Ones from the looks of it.

Keep at it!

Next chapter's coming along well. I'm plugging away at it! I don't aim to keep you guys hanging for too long, don't worry!


I can't wait to see shenanigans escalated. The writing style is nice and loose, suits the story quite well.

Of course nothing could go wrong here. Of course.


Tea parties is serious business.

It begins...

And I'm sure everypony got exactly what they asked for. The poor fools...

:trixieshiftright: I'm sure they've all thought this through.


So, I've run into just a couple... clunks that I'd like to iron out, so it might be a little time before the next series of chapters get posted.

Just a combination of having to reformat a couple parts, rearrange some things, and just a titch of writers block in a couple of places.

Don't worry, though! I'm still plugging away at it!


Well. That escalated quickly.

Those crabs better not want pizza, or I'm outta here. Pretty sure Rarity has to murder them now.


Naw... :twilightblush:

Thanks for reading, everyone! :scootangel:

Next chapter's already partly done, so it shouldn't be too terribly long (I hope)!

Potions and ponies do not mix.

Comment posted by Rinnaul deleted Aug 8th, 2013

Trixie running through town in a panic while repeating "Twilight Sparkle can fix this, Twilight Sparkle can fix this" to herself is an image I wish I'd thought of first.

Everyone is doomed! Somehow this is all Twilight's fault!

:ajsmug:Life's not fair, is it, Twi'?
:facehoof:No. No it is not.

:twilightsheepish:Thanks! I don't know how much credit I can take, though. That pony practically writes herself!


Something tells me Discord is out of a job.

Heh, at least Trixie knows the potion works. First hand experience and all that...

Laser Lightning Carrot Top! Get your today!

I wish I had more dreams like Spike's. All I ever get are the weird ones.

Twilight, better get your quill and parchment out. It's list making time.

I need a minute to digest all this awesomeness.

1. Freakin' Fluttershy Ninja Master! So awesome! :rainbowkiss:

2. Bear-sharks? Again, Bear-shark?!! :yay:

3. Looks like everypony has gone crazy and Lyra is going out to help. Well that should send well. Maybe Lyra can make the fires better.:yay:

I think Berry Punch has the proper solution to all the problems present. Get drunk, pass out, and let somepony else deal with it.

See? Who needs a checklist?

1. Shovel Face is a terrible terrible name... Oh.. nevermind then.

2. I get the distinct feeling you are having lots of fun writing this and don't care what others think. Bravo to you, good sir or maam! Bravo!

1. It is. It so is. :trollestia:

2. I am! :pinkiehappy:

...though, I have to say, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun without people reading and commenting. I appreciate it an awful lot!

The feeling of that honestly rather touching scene about Celestia's dreams and the stress of constantly being in the public eye lasted me through her waking up and even survived Rarity vs the TMNC. And then there was Shovel Face, and the fic was made of chaos again.

I think I'm going to steal this idea of Lyra if I ever write her, by the way. I've been loving the reduced focus on human-obsession in favor of having her just be extremely hyperactive and childish. It's kind of like Pinkie Pie, but without the randomness, fourth wall gags, and violations of the laws of physics.


Yeah, talk about whiplash on that! A little seriousness to balance the chaos just felt right. I just really like writing about Celestia. I think she's one of the most fascinating characters in the show. And Shovel Face... well, he wound up kind of stealing the chapter from me (not that I mind).

And yeah, I personally view Lyra as generally, rather than specifically obsessive. Humans are one of her interests, but not her only interest, and she just gets a little... too into her flights of fancy, regardless of what those might be this week. Good thing Bon-Bon's around to (try) to keep her grounded somewhat. I'm glad you like it! Feel free to commandeer it!

This will be a night to remember.

Or rather a night to remember by not remembering by drinking excessive amounts of cider, forgetting all the details, and just remembering it as a night that should not be remembered.

Because cider can do that.

Go Ninja! Go Ninja, Go! Go NInja! Go Ninja, Go!

Damn you! Every chapter is gold! Gold, Jerry! Having Fluttershy be the master just makes it a thousand times better!


I like trains.

Don't we all? Trains. They are awesome.

Go Ninja! Go Ninja, Go! Go NInja! Go Ninja, Go!

Dear Celestia... why would you say this?!
I... I don't think we can stop them now.

Damn you! Every chapter is gold! Gold, Jerry! Having Fluttershy be the master just makes it a thousand times better!

Ha ha! Well, thank you!:yay:
Ninjashy is pretty fun to write!:yay:

Nice little exchange with Cheerilee and Bon-Bon. Even in moments of crisis, ponies come to each other to work out their problems. Like ninjas.

Will Lyra get a Shovel out of all this? I suppose that's a decent reward.

Rarity takes no guff from crabs! Even crabs in a half-shell.

Keep at it!


Nice little exchange with Cheerilee and Bon-Bon. Even in moments of crisis, ponies come to each other to work out their problems. Like ninjas.

Ninjas. Could they be a problem in your community? Talk about it with your foals. Make sure to have a ninja-preparedness plan in place, because ninjas are a bigger problem than you think.

The more you know™
Brought to you by the Ninja Readiness Council for Public Safety.


Discord turned her into a goat for no reason whatsoever!

Run, Trixie! Run like the wind! I wonder how long 'Repentant Trixie' will last.

I'm amused that you have an obvious Luna dream sequence in your fic, just like I did with mine XD


Run, Trixie! Run like the wind! I wonder how long 'Repentant Trixie' will last.

:trixieshiftright: Don't you mean... "The Great and Repentant Trixie?"

And... it'll probably last until she doesn't have to face the consequences of her actions anymore, huh? :rainbowlaugh:

:trixieshiftleft: ...Or until she runs into Twilight Sparkle?

:trollestia:Or... until the sequel.

:moustache: Luna is a great character for when you want to write a totally random, just slightly bizarre scene.

Revelations come at the worst time. Particularly when bearsharks are on the prowl.

Trixie should make reservations for the moon. No bears there last I checked. Just nightmare creatures. Simple.

:trixieshiftright: Yes, but so close to all of those bear constellations...


Ha! Dream Zombie! Next up, Luna vs. Freddy Kruger.

And more trains! I'll just leave this here.

Every time I do this, this is how I wake up

What kind of situations are we talking about here, Luna? :twilightblush:

Luna saves the day but we know who the real hero is in this tale: the gator. :pinkiegasp:

Someone found this good enough to mention to Seattle's Angels. Thus here I am - have a like and a bit of comment for your efforts.

I felt that some of the jokes needed to be played straighter - using "deadpanned", for one, is like telling a really good joke then poking your listener in the eye with a stick and saying "Eh? Ehhh?" - and while the writing style could be a bit tighter (e..g deleting redundant dialogue tags):

"I will try, Twilight my friend. I will put my suspicions to an end," Zecora said. I will not, my friend. I must watch Trixie 'til night's end! Zecora thought.

to give the story event itself more punch, the sheer volume of material overweighs the downsides.

It is zany through and through, and the air of cheerful lulziness is too good-natured for me to feel anything other than amused by it. There are some clever moments in there, as well as the decidedly fanfic-y tone, which is a bit of a guilty treat in the burgeoning era of "serious" fanfiction. While I would hesitate to rec it, I have no qualms saying that I enjoyed it. You have the makings of a good writer as long as you don't box yourself in - but if you wish to find ways to polish your style up, we've got a nice collection of reviewing groups here. Keep writing.


Someone found this good enough to mention to Seattle's Angels. Thus here I am - have a like and a bit of comment for your efforts.

Wow! That's great! Thanks!

redundant dialogue tags

I have no doubt at all that you're right about this. In the example you cite, it was done intentionally, but if you noticed any others that especially that jumped out at you, I'd be more than happy to take a look!

the air of cheerful lulziness

Ha! That is a fantastic phrase.

Thanks very much!

"Weird! I didn't even put any milk or honey in my tea! Just lots of sugar!" said Pinkie Pie.


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