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It was all passion and confidence in the way of judgement, both of which almost led to her to be booted from the Academy. Almost. Offered a second chance, Lightning Dust must prove to her peers she can reign in her ego and work together with her squadmates.

But nothing is ever easy. Humiliation. Doubt. Fear. Can she overcome such tribulations?

Cover Art: Mirta-Riga

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 3 )

I was gonna make a snarky remark about 'ewww lightning dust, flash sentry worst pone' or some such, but I just watched the teaser of Sweetie Belle on stage in front of Vinyl and Octavia end up being a dream(S5E4 spoilers, tread with care), and not even worst ponies can top that disappointment

Very nicely done!

5878058 That was a disappointing moment. At least Scoots got to legitimately fly, even if it was a dream. Overall, that was a pretty wacky episode. I'm still geeking out about the whole twittermite infestation dream; having written something similar six months prior and then see that?

Man, what a moment.



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