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...but why?
I thinK Im not here long enough to be not confused by something like this

Let's just say this is incest...in a really weird way.:rainbowhuh: But anyways, as long as I've got my AUs where they're not siblings, I can in a way lol ship them.:pinkiecrazy:(I like Timber/Gloriosa + I don't like incest= AUs, AUs everywhere)
Well, this story was...cute. Really adorable, to say the least.:rainbowkiss: But am I the only one here who realizes that both Timber and Gloriosa are complete perverts?:rainbowderp::twilightoops:( At least it's rather comical:ajsmug:)
So yeah, this story is pretty,pretty good and an ocean of inspiration for shippers.XD

You sure this is going to stay as a T rating? 'cause it could go real deep into M territory.

But hey. It's a pretty weird story. I like weird stories. Therefore, I like this story.

7620339 I may or may not bump it to an M rating in the near future :raritywink:

Y'all ain't from'round these parts are ye? *Sits in ye old rocker on the incest group house porch*

Maybe, kinda, I dunno.:derpytongue2: I'm just a weird shipper that loves and does art.:rainbowlaugh:

*Sees the "Complete" tag* Aww, bummer.:applejackunsure::applejackunsure::applejackunsure:
Ehh, at least the story was a good read for me!

7820230 Yeah, I found it best to end it there and (eventually) post the steamy content in a separate story.

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