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Apple Bloom and the rest of the Apple Clan deal with a pest problem that gets out of hoof.

Cover Art: Togekisspika35 | A little something for this year's One-Shotober and to mark the DVD release of Rainbow Rocks.

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Wasps... God I hate wasps... Freaking traumatized me when I was 4 fucking years old...and to scootaloo liking manga... I guess you could say she's "Ja-ponies" eh? Eh?

This was a nice little story. I liked your narrative voice for Apple Bloom and her humor throughout the story. The line from Scootaloo mentioning manga, however, stood out as a bit out of place in a pony fic.

“Great Gatsby!”

This also probably counts as something that's also out of place in a pony fic, but I laughed out loud at this line.


There's got to be an Equestrian equivalent to Japan and its culture, ya? :twilightsmile: Scoots getting manga from her older brother is a reference to a future fic that may connect to this story later on. Backstory is said brother recently introduced them to Scoots and she has developed a liking for them.

... Ja-ponies :rainbowlaugh:

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