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Sometimes it’s nice to take a break. Or leave it all behind.


Flash Sentry is your typical pegasus in the Crystal Guard, always there at Her Highness's beck and call, escorting her everywhere she goes, and making sure nothing goes wrong. But that's the problem: nothing ever goes wrong, and for Flash, the lack of adventure has made life rather stale.

That changes on the ride home following a trip to Ponyville. Mercenaries attack the train with their sights set on Princesses Luna and Cadance. It's up to Flash, Star Kicker, and the rest of the detail to repel the intruders and keep them safe.

If it were only that simple...

Part of the Winningverse. | Cover Art by: Keekoi

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I'm enjoying this, so far. Keep it up.

Here's hoping this is more productive than it's prequel... :rainbowlaugh:

6119205 :rainbowlaugh: And hopefully better than "Another Life".

Flash Bradley Sentry


Also, interesting Uncle Descent´s rebutal to Empress Sunbeam´s government style.

Yeah, Sunbeam's ruling style isn't the best way to produce harmony, though I'd also say that harmony isn't Sunbeam's main goal.

Did like the epilogue, it's a nice little sum-up.

This was a fun story, and I look forward to seeing what you do next.

“I’d rather eat a durian.”

I see what you did there.

Cloud Kicker used Sweet Kiss on Flash Sentry. Flash Sentry is confused. He hurt himself in his confusion. :trollestia:

“What, like strut on in with a friendship speech?”

“Well, yeah. If it works for Princess Twilight, then why can’t we give it a try?”

Uncle Descent shook his head. “Because it doesn’t always work that way.”


If Luna wanted to use Diamond's head to fill the vacancy on Chrysalis's left, does that mean the spot on the right has already been taken? If so I wonder whose head sits there.

If I’m going on a diet, you going on one, too.”

I enjoyed this. Where can I find the prequel story?

7834232 This story is a tie-in to that story.

By the by, you meant "you're" :twilightsmile:

which meant they were indeed inside coach having their way the princesses.

Needs a "the" and a "with".

Exciting story but the typos and missing words bring in down a bit.

Well, that certainly was an exciting adventure. Always good to see Flash not treated like garbage.

I wonder, is there a story that dives into this whole scheme targeting Cadance? Feels like there was a lot unresolved there, especially with Ponente.

“Don’t be too sure about that,” Uncle Descent cautioned. “Rumor has it a few vets from the Guard are taking a stab at the fencing event.”

I almost missed this pun. Well played. I would hate to be foiled again.

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