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A fellow Brony, Bluthy (Don Bluth Fan), Dinosaur lover, G-Fan, and an animation student. I worked on fan fiction in Deviantart, and would like to submit them, revised, to you.



This story is a sequel to In Search of Sunset: The Mysterious Island

A few months pass since Sunset came back from the island. Amendments are made and school work all caught up; with no signs of magic aside from the portal to Equestria and the Rainbooms themselves, it seems that peace might actually be here for a long time.

At least in town... A summer's trip to the camping ground Evefree is another story.

As with the prequel, has a Q&A blog.

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Excuse me? How did you get that cover art like this one?

Please tell me you're not shipping Twilight with Timber.

Though based on "Legend of Everfree," it will become dramatically different with future chapters. I cannot disclose detail right away without spoiling the story.

Well... I may as well wait in the future.

No problem, just don't make Twilight and Timber a couple.

Okay, just a few things:
1. Loved the callback to Ebirah, Horror of the Deep. Since Kong was the focus of the original script, its nice to see him have his fight.
2. Nice job introducing Tempest and Grubber.
3. Loved Sunset's dream of Godzilla. Now I am curious...is he going to be a villian?

1) It was quite a pleasure being able to write that in. :rainbowkiss:
2) Thanks! :twilightsmile: I was going for an Iron Giant vibe with their introduction.
3) I wish not to spoil my hard work and keep things a surprise. :trixieshiftright:

Its getting better... but please! Do not ship Timber with Twilight! I beg of you!

Okay, sorry... I was just a little peeved when I saw Legend of Everfree. I mean come on, they just met for god sake! They can't just instantly become a couple right off the bat.

Loved the inclusion of Biosyn.

Regenerator G1, Lucky Dragon, Tempest's passionate speech...my big G senses are tingling.

This... should prove to be interesting.

Hmmm...so is Thunder Ball...Anguirus? (or Angilas if you prefer?)

Also very cryptic last scene...


Hmmm...so is Thunder Ball...Anguirus? (or Angilas if you prefer?)

yes. :trixieshiftright:

Awesome work! As for Thunder Ball, I knew for a fact you were including Anguirus. Can't wait to read your future story.

That Mr. Krabs remark sent me into hysterics! :rainbowlaugh:

At first I thought the creature hatched from the egg was Godzilla Junior, but Anguirus works too. Pity, though; I would’ve liked the idea of Godzilla ‘14 becoming a father.

Spiga (Kumungous in the Japanese)! Eight Legged Freaks! Oh why do I love giant spider movies so much?

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