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Sometimes it’s nice to take a break. Or leave it all behind.


During her search for Terra following the climatic battle at the Keyblade Graveyard, Aqua attempts to find rest on a familiar world with an old friend. However, the peace does not last long all thanks to trouble brewing in the wake of a travelling showmare's arrival.

Cover Art by: HankOfficer, The Smiling Pony, 8 Notes, Drip

Chapters (5)
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Interesting. Have a like and a fave. I wanna see where this goes...

like it so far have a fav

In this story, we learn that Equestria is in the Realm of Darkness. Seems legit.


good so far keep up the good work aqua is my favorite birth by sleep protagonist

6999902 I believe that this takes place before she gets sent there. So in game after you have beaten all three stories, but not play Aqua's little extra part.

Tracking this.

I liked your characterization of Pinkie Pie. The wrench thing was random, but I figured the crowbar was a Half-Life reference.

Hm... Aqua and Twilight ought to get along just fine. Both are prodigal magic users, both are very logical, and both care deeply for their friends.

About the journal entries, where did you get the blinking "new" signs for them?

I like the journal entries. It is a nice touch.

Thanks. I was concerned I overdid it :twilightsheepish: And yep, that was a Half-Life reference.

7041826 7041961
I just looked up blinking new gifs and picked one closest to those used in the DS titles. For the entries themselves, I figured it be a fun plus to toss in.

7041978 They're pretty much a staple in KH crossovers.

Goodie, Trixie actually showed some worth here.

Of course, I'm wondering if Snips and Snails are going to make things worse like in canon.

Good chapter *claps my hooves* :pinkiehappy:

Lyra and Aqua were paired up with... TRIXIE!? Also, I wonder why Celestia didn't want Twilight to learn from Eraqus?

7170991 Plenty more flashbacks to come.

Nice Harry Potter reference. :raritywink:

I like to think Twilight was only powerful because of her nonexistent social life and being Celestia's lap- I mean, attack dog.

Man it's been a while since the last chapter but I hope Trixie can listen to Twilight about the creatures.

7572566 Yeah, there was a lot going on over the summer. My bad :twilightsheepish: We'll find out more in Bon Bon's chapter.

7575580 Hey its ok mate. I was busy myself as well so call it even :rainbowwild:

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