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From the depths of /mlp/, one man decided that he wanted to write. With a sweep of his pen, stories flowed from his hands like liquid gold, and his genius shined. And then there was also Lunaguy.


Equestria has been home to numerous popular television shows in the past; Hay's Anatomy, Doctor Whooves, Star Trot. All of these shows have had massive successes, and fandoms of varying size and reputation. However, there was one show in particular that sparked the hearts of millions of ponies, spawning an unlikely following of mares of all ages... a show primarily meant for little colts.

Lyra was just an ordinary mare before she found the show. Now, she's an ordinary mare with an obsession for humans, like thousands upon thousands of other human fans. So when a summoning spell goes wrong, what will Lyra do when she finds a human in her kitchen? How will the rest of the fandom react to his existence, akin to how humans would react if a pony showed up in their world? Being a pony fan himself, how does Anon interact with the situation? How do the two fandoms combine with one-another and ultimately affecting the other's physical realm?

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This story make me laugh, lots of clich├ęs, but the good ones for a story like this :trollestia:

I was greatly amused the entire time.

"Fun"? "Fun"?!
Yeah. Please, give yourself some credit. In all probbability this story is shortly going to get tons of attention and praise.
And you deserve all of it. The story had a flow to it that made me unable to stop. I had to seriously stay after closing just so I can read the whole
thing in one go. Take all of my internets, good Sir, for they are all yours.

Whelp... I can already see something is going to happen.
Something big.


Loved it, write some more plz :pinkiehappy:

the tagalog incantations made me pause for a bit

more and filipino stuff is getting in here:twilightsmile:

I take it you got this idea from me?

That ending right there, I love you forever! FOREVER!:pinkiegasp:

Oh gosh, this is too awesome, I couldn't stop smiling/grinning! xD
And the ending. DAT ENDING.

Can't... Stop... Laughing... So... Funny...

2415256 First, what's AiE? Second, I started my story back in January on fanfiction.net, though I guess it's all just coincidence.

2415291 AIE = anon in equestria

i'm guessing this was a one-shot?

Pre-read comment: The mods are asleep. Post Humans!

Why does lyra have a box of kleenexes next to her computer? :rainbowhuh:

2415849 Ah, she has a cold. huehuehue

2415854 two things one wrong
second how do you do that black bar?

"Ko, prinsesa ng gabi, ipatawag isinasaad ng isang tao. Mula sa Daigdig ko tumawag sa kanya,
Sa lupain ay siya darating, Bago ang kanyang numero isang tagahanga"
Since when did Luna know filly-pino? :pinkiehappy:


never use anonymous as a name, it ruins immersion, and implies a lack of creativity. Other than that it was a great story. :twilightsheepish:

It was pretty dang good but it really wasn't exactly I was promised.

How do the two fandoms combine with one-another and ultimately affecting the other's physical realm?

Nitpick: That is worded badly, it should probably be 'affect each other's.'

I was expecting more crossover between the two worlds than one Anon (ugh) and a Lyra, more of a combination instead of ... a slight passing in the night, as i' 'twere.

Well, as I was writing this, I decided that I needed a language that sounded sufficiently old-wordly that was still audible. So instead of resorting to the MYSTERIOUS RUNES of other languages, I used that language, which still uses latin-based characters and sounds like some kind of mysterious magical chant.

It should be noted that "Pony" and all of its derivatives (anypony, somepony, etc) are spelled with a zero in place of an "o" in this. I hope this will be corrected post haste.

No, actually, this fic was inspired by pictures such as the one on the title page. I really don't read much on FiMFic at all, actually.


Well, given the fact that this was written for Anonymous in Equestria, I found that it was appropriate. And to be fair, naming a character Anonymous is no more immersion breaking than slapping Joe or Frank on there. Unless your name is Joe or Frank. In which case I apologize for not naming the character Joe or Frank and ruining your immersion.

When I had written the summary, it was meant to be a much bigger point. I apologize if it was misleading.

Damnit, my bad. I forgot this was still in 4chan format. I'll clean it up in a second.

2416527 Good to know. Also, "Once again, she forgot to unlock it. She really needed to stop doing that."

Shouldn't that be lock?

there's probably a lot more typos than I caught in there, you're going to have a hard time pointing them all out one by one :facehoof:

>Getting Pat to proof
Well, c'est la vie.
It was Crim's fault

"How will the rest of the fandom react to his existence, akin to how humans would react if a pony showed up in their world?" Well if we're going by 4chan's reaction, then it's gonna be >Rape

I have nothing against the author, or the fic. I just find that the cliche of Lyra is human obsessed is getting... Old. I mean, good for you for getting featured and perhaps taking this somewhere. I just hope she won't be displayed as "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDS".

Anyways, continue.

No, it's obviously for when she reads really sad fanfics and they make her cry. :eeyup:

2416497 the Alibata or the old filipino alphabet fits the bill, its old and runish looking

Did you forget the hit Saddlestar Galactica in the description? :pinkiecrazy:


Like and fav ^^ One think I don't like in this fic is a name of a human, rest is gooood.

There is ice cream in equestria? ...Interesting. I must move there soon through witchcraft know as (censored) :moustache:

Once again, I must reiterate that this was written specifically for the audience of Anon in Equestria. So that's alright if you don't like it, just as long as you understand why.


2417522 Ah, so this is way.... well,besides that this fic was really fun to read :D Made me think about immerse nerdgasm two fandoms from diffrent universes would make is such situation. Multiverse would tremble after it.

Dat ending

I'm asking for a sequel in which you follow Anon and Lyra's adventures on Earth. That is, if you want to write it...

2416326 seriously, spoiler

I love the Seth cameo at the end :rainbowlaugh:

This. This made my day. Thank you.
THANK YOU!!!:flutterrage:

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