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Have you ever heard about the theory about how subatomic particles can pop into existence at random? Well, replace subatomic particles with updates and you have my writing style in a nutshell.


Season 9 Premiere PITCH MEETING (Parody) · 12:14pm Last Thursday

So, you have a Season Nine premiere script for me?

Yes, Sir, I do. We’re gonna start off the final season big by having Princess Celestia and Luna announcing their retirement and putting Twilight in charge.

Oh, that does sound big.

That’s right. Celestia’s gonna say that the last few years since Twilight met her friends have been the most peaceful that Equestria has had in a long time.

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Thanks for the favourite on Fallout Girls, I try to update every two weeks!

Thanks for the fav!

Oh, and now thank you for faving "Marble's Horizon," too. :pinkiesmile:

Thanks for favoriting Kaleidoscope! :twilightsmile:

Thanks a lot for the fave on "The Iron Horse!" I'm glad you're enjoying it. :twilightsmile:

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