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Have you ever heard about the theory about how subatomic particles can pop into existence at random? Well, replace subatomic particles with updates and you have my writing style in a nutshell.


After having saved all of Equestria together, the Student Six certainly have a strong friendship, but is it truly unbreakable?

Wanting to find out, Friendship School Guidance Councillor Starlight Glimmer decides to give them the ultimate test: playing Cards Against Equestria.

Can their friendship survive this horrible game?

Sex tag is for raunchy jokes only. There is no actual sex in this story.

For this story, I used actual cards from the game, though some of them have been slightly altered so that they more closely reflect the world of Friendship is Magic instead of the real world.

Inspired by Mythril Moth’s Cards Against Equestria Girls, and BronyOverlord’s Cards Against Starlight

Featured on 26/11/2018

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Huh. This is going better than expected. But we still have nine rounds to go, plenty of time for Drama.

Bwahahahaha hilarious! CAC is a [sarcasm]clean, family-friendly[/sarcasm] game to play at your next wedding!

Ri2 #4 · Nov 26th, 2018 · · 4 · Round 1 ·

Oho, Gallus LIKES someone, huh? I would assume Sandbar?

This should be fun.

It begins again!

I've seen a few other fics with this premise, with some more amusing than others. This one is (so far) among the more funny.

This story is already kicking ass. I've been laughing inappropriately throughout the first chapter, and I'm anxious to see what comes next.

Nicely done so far, looking forward to seeing where this goes.

That cucumber one was so real it had me dying. Most excellent.

I like this version but I really don't like it's toned down version. In truth what makes Cards Against Blank... is no holds bar. It's worthy raunchyness that needs to be at max. It's better when innocence like the S6 are involved. I'll follow for now but I hope the choices are more... stronger.

I imagine it'll get stronger as the S6 get more comfortable with the game. The first round is usually the most tame, and then everyone really goes for it. At least I hope that's what is happening here :)

Is your pro-pic a super saiyan fluffle puff?

Oooh can we help with black card ideas, likes here's one.

War of the worlds the attack of the blank. And heres another,
The princesses of Equestria are blank.

You did great at conveying the exact kind of feeling and atmosphere of playing a Cards Against game with a group of friends. I came in expecting to enjoy this fic, and I totally did, but what I didn't expect was that I'd get surprised and laugh out loud like I was actually playing the game myself, so really good job there. I'm kinda biting my nails in anticipation at seeing what the ships turn out to be as well, haha.

Good shit dude :heart:

Yona brought a hoof to her mouth. “Uhh, what best sexuality?”

Clearly it is bisexuality double the choices b*#h (I'm just making a joke)

Who would dislike this comment? What is there to dislike here? Here, have a like, just to try and even things out.

“Equestria is hungry. Equestria wants a pringle.”


Seeing as all the other griffons are rather drab, eagle based colours, isn't Gallus technically the gay guy with dyed hair of Griffinstone? From a certain point of view.

Sandbar also smiled. “I guess Starlight’s plan for us worked out, after all. Although, there are still nine more rounds to go.”

Wait, I've just realized, Starlight obviously played the game, so that most likely means that she's played it with the Mane 6 (and Trixie, I guess). I want to see that.

I don't now who made it, but yeah. I just did a google search for mlp super-pones, and Fluffle Puff out of all of them appeared among the first 3 rows. Had to have it. :twilightsmile:

Fairly sure it exists. There's quite a few of Cards Against Equestria fics. I think there's even a group specifically for them.

Well, I expected that much. Thanks for the info.


Let me be a little more helpful, then. Here's one example, it's pretty good. Also ongoing.

Oh this is going to be gooooood :rainbowlaugh:

On an unrelated note, did this fic just made the headcanon that Sandbar is asexual? Or more like undecided?

Nothing like riding the coat tails of another!

We didn't hear from Yona during that last round. But I am very much enjoying the growing birb romance.

We need the "not giving a crap about homeless griffons" card back!

This is honestly the best. Reminds me of the time my school game club got our club moderator involved but better

This is a pg-13 deadpool movie. Funny but better in R-Rating

Low blow Sandbar.... low blow

GALLUS MY BOI!! C’MON! :pinkiehappy:

I like this a lot.

Ooh, written by BronyOverlord. I’m tracking his Fallout and Equestria Girls crossover; a good read.

Now, if only it had the Mane 6...

P.S. Thanks again.

“Pretty sure you’re eating someponies college fund right now,” Gallus said to her from aside.

Pretty sure she’s not, Gallus. Gems are so common in Equestria that they likely have no values, at least, compared to gems in our world.

Oh wait, you don’t know of our world.

Oh snap, son, he did not just go there! :rainbowderp:

Most excellent.

Gallus needs ALL THE HUGS. Also, this is hilarious and adorable. Please do continue.

The characters responses seem to lack emotion to me

Yona brought a hoof to her mouth. “Uhh, what best sexuality?”

That's such a Yona thing to say.

Oh this is just delightful. :rainbowlaugh:

We're in for a wild ride, fillies and gentlecreatures.

“Aren’t all changelings pretty androgonous looking?” Smolder asked.

Ocellus suddenly stopped laughing. “Hey, that’s racist.”

“No, it’s a stereotype. There’s a difference,” Smolder defended.

Oh, thank God! Someone can still tell the difference!
Or of Hyrule's. Gems are so common there that they use them the way we use coins and "paper" bills.

That was some terrific fun bud :trollestia:



I like that you're showing the line between dark humour and actually being mean; the game is kind of designed to push that limit, but it's very easy to break, and you're demonstrating that really well here. Some of this is more telling us what's happening than showing us (ie "this got more laughs than the last card"), but with a premise that relies on characters reading something and reacting to, it's kind of unavoidable. Overall you're doing a great job with a difficult format, and I'm really enjoying the story :)

Silverstream then drew the last card and when she did, she smiled instantly. “Well, forget all the other cards because this one wins. What’s the most problematic?” She then slammed the card down on the ground. “That bitch, Cozy Glow!”

Instant win.


It’s a common thing in dragon schools.

Dragons have schools?

Also, fiery poop sounds horrible and I want to know who Smolder thinks will get pregnant.

With the way you wrote their scores it's like we're getting sequels

I might have missed something, but the scores add up to twenty. If there's six cards a round, shouldn't it only add up to eighteen?

“Do you have any particular ideas of who’s gonna get pregnant?” Silverstream asked her.

Planning on it, SIlverstream?

That last one got a lot of laughs from the group, even Sandbar, who was the only one from a race that was strictly vegetarian.

That's debatable, pinkie ate a fish in one episode and equines are known to eat meat from time to time, but even then Yona is a yack, another herbivore so it doesn't work either way.

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