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Fuchsia and Lavender lend Rarity a hand with the new uniforms for the Friendship Games.

Cover art by RadiantRealm.

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Its just a prank bro.

#gonewrong #gonesexual


Trixie, like AJ her lack of a good episode proves how horrible of a character she is

I liked it, because I'm a big fan of Fuschia and Lavender. I like the idea of Badass Lavender too, because I had her in my world as Cloud Kicker's cousin. I notice story still didn't explain what happened with the mannequins, though. Sequel?

7247864 I'm a big fan of the Illusions, too. In fact, a number of their traits in this continuity were inspired by your incarnations of them. Many kudos to you, sir :pinkiehappy: And for what happened concerning the mannequins, stay tuned.

:duck: ... Well, judging by what you've done to the room, I can see that you enjoyed yourselves.

A very entertaining moment that is all too easy to believe. Given the magical buildup in that world, spontaneous golems are probably the least of their worries.

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