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what should i even put for this?


The is a small book about each of the wonderful ponies in Ponyville and the true joys of friendship they have experienced over the course of their lives. Each pony has a unique story to tell, and each one opens up new worlds for everypony to think about and enjoy.

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Wow these are good, except the vinyl scratch one, well done.

337311 thanks! im always glad to hear some feedback. what was it about scratch's that you didnt like?

338252. Your welcome, the vinyl scratch one didn't seem that interesting, like you could have put more into it ya know? Not to say it was bad, but it needed more

338484 i see. yeah i took a pause while writing it so it was a bit disjointed. even i didnt feel like it was my best. thanks for the feedback!

This is the best poem so far. :fluttercry: You really captured the emotions well. The Big Book of Small Stories is definitely a favorite of mine. Do you plan on doing one for Lyra or Roseluck? Whichever pony you choose next, I look forward to it. :twilightsmile:

368579 thanks! this is really nice to hear, especially since i contemplating scrapping this after it got turned down by eqd. i do plan on having a poem for EVERY pony. so although i dont know roseluck that well, if i can find some nice fanon about her, sure! if not, ill make some myself. lyra will definitely have one, absolutely. i think i might restart the sweetie belle one i was writing next, but who knows?

I'll be reading this soon, but for now, I'm liking just for the adorable cover picture. :rainbowkiss:

These little poems and vignettes are incredible. Your stories need more love and more views. :heart:

525861 i hope youve gotten a chance to read them and enjoy, id love to hear what you have to say :twilightsmile:
567967 thank you so much :pinkiehappy: im glad that somepony out there appreciates these pieces as i do. much love, much love :rainbowkiss:

Perhaps this is because of the poem format, but it fealt a little rushed. And the direction this poem took wasn't much of a surprise. But I admit, it still was pretty good.

As some in our community would put it, I got the, eh... I got the feelz. lol

I've also read the one for Derpy. I'll give it a review, later.

Grace and Peace, and Happy Writing. :twilightsmile:

939970 i know its an odd format, takes a bit of getting used to, even for me actually. as for surprises, i suppose thats not what im going for. the 'feelz' as you might say are the main objective. everyone or everypony as it might be has something that bothers them, something that makes them worry or feel inadequate. i just wanted to showcase these possible fears and show how no matter what the problem is, someone will be there with a new perspective to help rid them of such fears.
im glad you are enjoying the stories for the most part, and i hope you get to read all of them. thank you for the review, happy reading :pinkiehappy:

"Not a lot of ponies like this story so thanks for the fav!"
looks like my fav got u one too:twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

Congrats on getting over the writters block! :pinkiehappy: Excelent story, insightfull and well told as always, its kinda funny since i think everytime you put up a new bbss i have a new favorite hahahahaha
Lickity-Split :rainbowkiss:

1001588 you know i could bust this whole story in a rap? thats why i did this one first instead of the rarity one i had planned. and yes, lickity split :rainbowwild:

1001604 that would be sweeeeetttt!!! i think you should do it... i wanna hear that, soooo rarity next then... *rainbow bleah * to you too :rainbowwild:
hahaha this is fun *rainbow kiss* :rainbowkiss: pffffff.... AHAHAHAHA :rainbowlaugh:

Wow. :pinkiegasp: These poems are really beautiful. This one . . . I don't know why, but it was especially beautiful to me . . . :fluttercry:





1547937 i...wow. i only still come on here to read some things from time to time. lo and behold i find that someone was actually reading my stuff? wow...maybe i should get to work and trying to write again sooner than i thought?

Fimfiction REALLY needs another update status. They have In-complete, Complete, and On Hiatus, but they need "Non-Continuous" or something for when there is a collection of short stories.

2275282 To be fair, i was going to finish this with more. So it is incomplete. However, like all of my other stories, including my nonpony ones and even my novel, i have just dropped them. Ive become far too busy to write and be able to enjoy it. Other things like, school, work, art, music and rap are getting in the way of me being able to sit down and write. Thank you for reading this though, i do appreciate it. Hopefully ill be able to pick this back up one day...

2291365 There should still be a "Short Story Collection" Status, for the others that are on going short stories. I've seen a couple.

Also... I actually haven't yet read it, but its on my list.

2293254 Yes, thatd be quite the nice addition. and haha, quite fine, quite fine. I hope you like it when you do go to read.

1547884i want to hate you...but your pic and nam...cursssee youuuuuuu:raritycry:

make a big macintosh one. call it...staying strong.

Remember when you could tag more than 5 characters? Pepperidge farms remembers!

:pinkiegasp: How’d ya get more than 5 tagged characters? :unsuresweetie:

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