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Catch Me, Squirt (Scootaloo's Poem)

Catch Me, Squirt (Scootaloo’s Poem)

I have wings for flying
But they are too small for that
My wings aren’t strong enough to lift me
Even though I am small as well
I stand alone, gazing into the day lit sky
It is a bright cyan blue; the porcelain white clouds are scarce
As I stare up, I see a figure, blue as the sky itself
It soars right past me, the blazing winds blowing my mane in an untraceable pattern
The illustrious figure leaves behind a shimmering rainbow trail
Although she continues to move forward, the rainbow remains
A testament to her prowess and skill
I truly wish I could do the same, I wish I could exude such greatness from myself
She is my role model
Strong willed, confident, capable
Caring, adventurous, but most of all, loyal
I want to be like her, I want to be everything I’m not
She continues her routine into the blue yonder
Her wings spread wide open to propel her ahead
She is always moving ahead, always getting better each day
I look back at my own pathetic wings, “Sigh”
How will my tiny orange wings ever be able to keep up?
How will I ever reach my goal and touch the endless sky?
A voice calls out to me, alone on my hill with the sky
“What’s up, Squirt?”
I look up, surprised that I was noticed
My cyan idol lands atop the hill in front of me
Her multicolored mane flowing from the light breeze
Her presence leaves me stunned, lost for words
She tilts her head, confused as to why I haven’t replied
I bow my head, my cheeks reddened with embarrassment
“Are you alright, Squirt?” she wonders
Avoiding eye contact, I look back at my wings and sigh once more
My idol looks at my wings in response
She pauses to think for a moment, placing her hoof upon her chin
In no time her eyes open wider than the skies themselves
She holds out her hoof and beckons me forward
I raise my own in return, still ashamed and shaking
She grips it tenderly and pulls me up upon her back
Taken aback, my senses startle
My body tenses up, fright taking over, all five senses still extremely vivid
Her wings spread; she scuffs her hoof across the ground
In moments, we arc into the air
I hold on for dear life, my hooves gripping her shoulders tightly
The blue mare does not slow, instead her speed continues to quicken
“Are you ready, Squirt?” she asks
I cannot find anymore to say than “I hope”
My eyes close, but everything is still fresh in my mind
Even closed, my eyes are still very much open
The terror besieging my mind is unrelenting and beads of sweat drip down my face
My purple mane is becoming even frizzled from of the fierce winds
I try to hold on and stay calm, but it is a useless effort
There is nothing beneath my hooves
The wind is still blowing in my face; that much has not changed
The gale feels cold, yet soothing, slowly releasing the tension held tight in my body
Not only that, but it exhilarates me as well, turning the tension into adrenaline
A smile works its way across my frightened visage
The adrenaline pumps into my veins
I begin to pick up speed, pushing myself faster than I could ever go on my scooter
I hold my arms out in front of me, outstretched as if to grab the sky ahead of me
The very same sky that I was now flying past
Even through all of the excitement, I could feel an odd sensation
My back constantly moved up and down, tugging on my body
It moved itself with such grace and ease I had barely noticed
I knew I had recognized the feeling, but from where?
The thought struck me like a lightning bolt
My wings! My wings were flapping!
I was finally flying!
A joyous scream echoed from my mouth “I can fly! I can fly! Watch me soar!”
No sooner had I spoken that I began to see the ground
The vast valleys beneath my hooves were lush with greenery
Seeing my favorite hill, I slowed
As I came to a halt, I made out the silhouette of a figure
It was my inspiring idol, waiting for me
Astonished as I was, I still continued to smile
She was smiling as well, a certain kind of smile permeating her face
She was proud, proud of me
“Look Rainbow Dash, I can fly!” I exclaimed
“How did it feel, squirt? Well, I shouldn’t call you ‘Squirt’ anymore now should I, Scootaloo?”
Words could not form in my mouth, and only a laughing smile remained visible
I was truly happy, my fillyhood dreams had been finally been attained; I could fly
Rainbow Dash, my idol, my role model, my friend, embraced me
When she released, the two of us sat down on the lush grass
It was sunset now, and the sky’s blue had faded
Now the sky was made of reds, yellows, oranges, pinks and purples
Pointing to the sunset, she asks me “What do you see, Scoots?”
It took a moment to think, and the answer I found was
“I see the end of the greatest day in my life”
Rainbow looks at me, smiles, and responds “No Scootaloo, it is the beginning”
“The beginning of what?” I wonder
“The beginning of the greatest adventures of your life” she laughs
“Always fly higher, always be better than your best, and most importantly, always believe in yourself”
My eyes teared up, never before had she talked to me with such compassion and caring
With that, Rainbow Dash opened her wings and flew out towards the setting sun
Wiping off my tears of joy, I looked up to see her become the once unattainable silhouette
This time, I too opened my small orange wings and flew after her
“Rainbow Dash, wait up!”
“Catch me, Squirt.”