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A Wonderful Son (Spike's Poem)

A Wonderful Son (Spike's Poem)
“Really Rarity? You’ll go on a date with me?”
She stared back at me with her shimmering azure eyes
“Of course, my little Spiky-Wiky”
“I’ll se-se-see you Saturday then” I stumbled
“Saturday it is” she nodded
“Oh and Spike?”
“Yes, my sweet Rarity?”
“Yes, what is it?” I asked again
“Spike” she continued on
“Rarity, are you o-”
“Spike!” a loud yell erupted into my ears
“AHH” I screamed, jumping up from my previous position
“Spike wake up already, I have some very important errands for you to run”
I wiped the muck away from my tired eyes
“Oh, it’s you Twilight”
“Of course it is Spike, who else in Equestria would it be?” she snarked sarcastically
“I wish it was Rarity” I grumbled beneath my breath
“What was that?” Twilight raised her eyebrow in suspicion
“Nothing” I waved her off
She gave me a list of things to pick up from the market
I took it begrudgingly, still angry that she woke me from my nap
I could’ve been on a date with Rarity right now!
I just stormed out of the library, parchment in hand
Marching out, I took a quick look at the list
Even if I was mad at Twilight, I should still help her with the groceries
The first thing on the list was cherries
The town square market should have some
Why should I get her cherries though?
Why should I bother getting anything on the list?
She always interrupted something I was doing for some weird or stupid task
It’s not fair!
If I was in my own, I bet I could get all the sleep I wanted
Ooh, and I could eat gems too!
And I could stay up as late as midnight even!
I could do anything without Twilight around to keep me busy
Even though I was thinking about leaving
I already promised Twilight I’d get the things on the list
Cherries were cheap, then carrots and some other salad ingredients
The list wasn’t short, but everything was close to each other
“The last item on the list” I said aloud to myself
“A book from Cheerilie”
Ugh, now I had to go over to the school
I was not in the mood to walk
All the way I continued thinking about how much better I’d be without Twilight
No rules, no books, no anypony else
Just me, myself, and my gems
That’d be the life
It didn’t take all that long to reach the schoolhouse
It wasn’t during teaching hours, so I let myself in
“Hey Cheerilie, are you here?” I called out in to the seemingly empty building
There was no response
I figured she must have left and gone home
So I started to do the same
As I turned though, I heard a crash coming from another room
I ran quickly to see what had happened
When I looked into the room, I found a purple pony piled underneath a stack of books
It was Cheerilie
I darted to her quick, and removed the literature as fast as I could
“Are you ok, Cheerilie?” I asked
The dazed earth pony took a moment, but regained her consciousness
Her eyes darted around before finally settling on me
“Oh Spike, thank you so much” she extolled
“I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t been here”
“It wasn’t anything Cheerilie”
“Just helping a pony in need”
She smiled at me caringly
I felt some of my inner rage burn away inside
“Well there must be a reason you’re here, am I correct, Spike?” she pondered
“Yeah, Twilight sent me out to get a book from you?”
“Oh yes, Equestrian History: The Building of Cloudsdale”
“Do you have it? I’d really just like to get back home right now”
The teacher looked at me quizzically
“Why the rush Spike?”
I asked myself whether or not I should tell her about what happened
I figured a small explanation couldn’t hurt
“It’s not much, I just got woken up is all”
A feeling bubbled in my gut and my body forced my mouth to continue on
“But it’s not just that, it’s all the little stuff Twilight makes me do”
“Every day, I’ll try to do something and she’ll come barging in, making me do something for her instead”
More rage filled my lungs and smoke started fuming from my nostrils
“She can be so overbearing and protective and ARGH!”
“I just wish that I didn’t live with Twilight anymore!”
My scream echoed through the small school library
Cheerilie stepped back, shocked
I scrunched up, trying to make myself smaller and less intimidating
I felt so bad for scaring her like that
“I…I’m sorry Ms. Cheerilie”
Her eyes softened and she spoke to me calmly
“Spike, do you really not want to live with Twilight anymore?”
Having previously made the decision, I replied “Yes” with authority
The young teacher shook her head
“Spike, do you know why Twilight cares so much for you?”
The question struck me as odd
I had never thought of that before
“I uh, well, no” I stumbled
“She hatched you when you were just an egg you know”
“She shares a very deep, emotional connection with you”
“I know that” I replied bluntly
“But she doesn’t have to be all, you know”
“Oh but Spike, how do you think Twilight would take it if you left?”
Again, Cheerilie’s short sentences baffled my mind
I never bothered thinking about it from Twilight’s point of view
Would she even be sad?
“I don’t know, Ms. Cheerilie”
“You are like a son to her Spike”
“A cute, dragon child”
“How do you think any mother would take one of their kids running away?”
“But I’m not actually her –”
The purple pony stopped me with her hoof
“Yes Spike, you ARE her son”
“You mean the world to that girl”
Her words sounded so sincere
I thought about all the good times I had with Twilight in the past
Those times with just the two of us
Playing outside, watching the stars, going out to lunch, practicing with magic
Me and Twilight did everything together
Sure, I guess we had our arguments, disagreements
But we stayed the course, and we’re still the best of friends
No, we were more than friends
My heart started to pump in my chest
It resembled my reaction to Rarity, but this was a bit different
The pumping had a different beat, and my body felt more relaxed
I began to understand my real connection to my own purple pony
I laughed a bit as I realized how stupid I was being by getting so upset over being woken up
How could I ever want to leave Twilight?
What once seemed so clear an answer now fuzzed out inside my brain
I had to apologize to Twilight for being rude earlier
“Ms. Cheerilie?” I began
“Yes, Spike?”
“How do you know all that? About Twilight and I?”
She smiled at me and patted my spines
“I’m a teacher Spike, I just know these things”
“But… how?” I had to know
“Just look at Twilight when she’s with you and see her smile”
“You’ll understand what I mean”
Cheerilie’s kind words of wisdom had brightened my day
I thanked her and grabbed the book
With a touch of finesse, I checked the last box on the list
It was nice to know there were ponies out there like Cheerilie, so willing to help others
I helped her patch up the library by putting all the books back
It was simple, mostly because I have to do it at home all the time
I walked out the door to begin my trek home
Only a few feet away, I hear Cheerilee call back to me
“Spike!” she yells out “You’re a wonderful son!”