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We're Family Now (Zecora's Poem)

We’re Family Now (Zecora’s Poem)

It was a beautiful spring day
Absolutely everything was going my way
The sun was brightly shining in the clear sky
Yet something was bothering my restless mind’s eye
No, it was not the forest Everfree
With its many stacks of tall, grown trees
Although, all things be due considered
It could have been the ground, ‘twas littered
With sticks and stones and broken homes
Of creatures of the sky, since flown
With rocks and staggered, shattered boulders
No longer could these mountains shoulder
The weight of a world so large and heavy
Perhaps, I had just not been ready
Too engage upon this journey
Was I in too much of a hurry?
This land was quite so unforgiving
When I first attempted to begin a living
The creatures fierce and earth so wild
‘Twas scary for me, at the time, a child
With my own hooves, I built this home
To shield me from all things to come
And slowly over time I filled it
With potions, brews, all I could get
I tried to practice what I learned
But now I see, for true home, I yearned
For at the ripe old age of eight
My tribe left me to my destiny, fate
Now I stand here, house and home behind
I feel like a walk; where to this time?
Perhaps I’ll go to the ocean’s shore
Or maybe knock on a neighbor’s door
They have seemed to warm up much to me
After all, a demon is something that I not be
Still they do, from moment to moment
Stutter backwards in fear, unknowing
I have grown to see it is quite alright
As the unknown can cause such a fright
But I find myself losing my track of thought
There are just too many troubles to spot
What purpose does a stranger contain
In lands of unfamiliar terrain?
What concoction can I brew
To show them all my worth has been proved?
And what of traveling far, the distance great
To a tribe long since forgotten…wait!
Indeed they would accept me back
I have accomplished every task
I’ve mastered every zebra spell
From aacalula to zukvanzell
I have survived and thrived, alive
And charted out each divine night sky
The creatures all, I claim to tame
Not a single one, won’t yield to my name
From timber wolf to hydra spawn
Fearsome cockatrice only make me yawn
Ursa Majors and Minors alike
Are friendly when treated just right
And dragons, though they breathe both fire and smoke
Are nothing to me, but a scaly joke
As I sit and reminisce, of the past my soul does miss
I can do little but dismiss, my hopes and aspirations as this
Zairba lies those miles away, to walk the path, id surely stray
Even with all I’ve gained to this day, for me to make it, there is no way
This rock on which my flank does rest, is my home so I must make the best
But what of mother, father and siblings, in my ear, their voices still ring
A drop of water, wet and salty, falls from my eye; stopping, halting
Every thought I could have had; a poor zebra am I, with no mom or dad
Quickly behind me is a rustling; a creature, four legs and a tail is bustling
It is unfamiliar, but not to me, rather to these creatures of Everfree
The steps are small, and quite reserved, for the one who makes them is concerned
For deadly, yes, this forest be, to my little pony, but not to me
“Zecora? Zecora are ya outside?” the worried voice did cry
“Indeed I am” to her, I replied
Following the sound of my voice, the filly
Quickly trotted up, quite silly
“Ah stumbled through some poison joke on ma way here”
“I can see that; to the hut, my dear”
The troubled child found her way, though it was littered with cries of ‘woah!’ and ‘hay!’
As though she did indeed walk swiftly, her tiny legs were wobbly and trippy
“Now what could cause you Apple Bloom, to come here to me now, so soon?”
“Mah friends were all busy ‘n stuff, Ah was hopin’ you ‘n me could play again”
The child of yellow seemed rather excited
And to have company, I was truly delighted
“I shall have for you, a fix, quite quick; potions such as these are made, lickity split”
“Thank ya kindly, Miss Zecora”
The filly smiled at me with her big eyes
Shimmery, vivid, truly a child’s guise
Falling flatly upon the floor of mine, the filly asked “Hey what were ya doin’ outside?”
I thought carefully of how to address, “Just examining a few trees and rocks, I guess”
“When ya finish up with ma potion can we go play in the lake?”
With such an ecstatic visage, how could I refuse that face?
“Indeed we may, child of Apple, but first, there is poison joke we must battle”
Hoof over hoof and drop over drop
The bottle I filled was now seen at the top
Though usually the cure must be taken as a bath, another old remedy could be imbibed, and it hath
Within a few seconds of taking a sip, the flustered filly’s legs began to sit back at her hips
Once the whole bottle had been taken aback, Apple Bloom’s body was safely on track
“Well look’it me! I’m as right as rain on a Sunday mornin’”
Though cured, the red-maned child bounced without warning
Happy as she was, I still sighed
It did not do me well, to a friend I had lied
Quicker than I could have assumed
She picked up on my frown, that smart Apple Bloom
“What’s wrong? Ain’t ya happy that we cn’ go t’ the lake now?”
I tried to agree, but it was all I could do to not frown
“Child I am sorry indeed; the troubles of my mind are something you don’t need”
The perplexed little girl tilted her head, wiping in front of her face was her mane of red
“But Zecora, ya can’t play if ya ain’t feelin’ well” she explained
“Tell me little one, do you know what does me pain?”
“Well Ah know, we cn’ jus’ whip up some real special brew to fix ya, right?”
“No, I do not believe that will work this night”
“Maybe Granny Smith knows what cn’ help ya?”
“Ah to have assistance from a family, that would be the –”
She interrupted, it was the first time I had been cut off for months since -
“What about your family, could they do som’in’?”
“My family and I, we no longer talk; how’s about the two of us take a walk?”
I needed some time away from the hut; Bloom agreed we could trot to the lake, so the door I shut
“Why dontchu jus’ go and write em’ a letter?”
“I do not believe that would make things any better”
“Somepony like you did som’in’ bad? Ah don’t believe it”
“Our customs are from Zairba and Equestria are different”
My companion sat down and pouted
For once, her actions were a mystery, shrouded
“Little Bloom, why do you do as you do? For you to sit still, is the world at it’s doom?”
“Nah but Ah don’t see why anypony’s gotta get kicked out fer no good reason!”
“Perhaps you will learn, with the turn of a new season?”
“What in tarnation’s that supposed to mean?” the debatably insightful little filly did scream
“When you have grown and become older, you will understand the weight that I have on my shoulders”
“So it that why they sent ya away to Ponyville, cause you got old?”
“No my dear, it is because I didn’t do as I was told”
“You see,” I continued “As my story unfolds; understand, as a little Zebra, I was quite bold”
And so I did talk, while we trotted and walked
Being sure to keep on the path I had blocked
From all of the dangers the wild did hold
For to me, this little filly was more precious than gold
It was to her and her alone I regaled
My past and the reason for telling my tale
By the time I had finished, I could tell she had listened
For the lake we had passed for at least twenty minutes
“Zecora, does this mean ya wouldn’t be here if they din’t make ya leave?”
“Yes Apple Bloom, that is as true as these trees”
As my answer entered her ears, it did seem
That across her perplexed face, a smile did beam
“Why could this mean child, that at my misfortune you smile?”
Before she would answer me, she jumped into the lake
It was the only one not filled with monsters for goodness sake
No reply to my question was problematic at best, was this some sort of challenge, or trial or test?
Resurfacing from the crystal clear water I know
She shouted, “Hey I found something cool down below!”
But before she could once again dive under water
I yelled out real quick, to make sure I would stop her
“Why is it that after my story you grinned, when you saw with your eyes the pain that I’m in?”
“Because Zecora, if you never left, I woulda never met ya here!”
“This is true, I can see that my mind had much fear”
And once more I stood upon a blank rock, lost for a moment in my mind, full of thought
“So are ya gonna jump in or what?” called my friend
Although I did something, I never did reply in the end
I just ran to the lake, full of new hopes and new dreams
For the family I thought of was not what it seemed
Here is this forest of old and of new, was a life that I made, and a home for it too
I had made for myself a large group of hearts, at the center, was this filly, so cheerful and smart
Though in leaving my old self behind, it did hurt, my new self only needed these few little words
They came from the mouth of a friend, and so sound
“You n’ me Zecora, we’re family now”

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Congrats on getting over the writters block! :pinkiehappy: Excelent story, insightfull and well told as always, its kinda funny since i think everytime you put up a new bbss i have a new favorite hahahahaha
Lickity-Split :rainbowkiss:

1001588 you know i could bust this whole story in a rap? thats why i did this one first instead of the rarity one i had planned. and yes, lickity split :rainbowwild:

1001604 that would be sweeeeetttt!!! i think you should do it... i wanna hear that, soooo rarity next then... *rainbow bleah * to you too :rainbowwild:
hahaha this is fun *rainbow kiss* :rainbowkiss: pffffff.... AHAHAHAHA :rainbowlaugh:

1547937 i...wow. i only still come on here to read some things from time to time. lo and behold i find that someone was actually reading my stuff? wow...maybe i should get to work and trying to write again sooner than i thought?

Fimfiction REALLY needs another update status. They have In-complete, Complete, and On Hiatus, but they need "Non-Continuous" or something for when there is a collection of short stories.

2275282 To be fair, i was going to finish this with more. So it is incomplete. However, like all of my other stories, including my nonpony ones and even my novel, i have just dropped them. Ive become far too busy to write and be able to enjoy it. Other things like, school, work, art, music and rap are getting in the way of me being able to sit down and write. Thank you for reading this though, i do appreciate it. Hopefully ill be able to pick this back up one day...

2291365 There should still be a "Short Story Collection" Status, for the others that are on going short stories. I've seen a couple.

Also... I actually haven't yet read it, but its on my list.

2293254 Yes, thatd be quite the nice addition. and haha, quite fine, quite fine. I hope you like it when you do go to read.

Remember when you could tag more than 5 characters? Pepperidge farms remembers!

:pinkiegasp: How’d ya get more than 5 tagged characters? :unsuresweetie:

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