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Sometimes life can just be a busy mess of everything you don't want to deal with. Sometimes, school, friends and your dreams don't all plan on going in the same direction. Sometimes you get bucked in the face and humiliated. But you gotta get up.
This story follows Code Levol, your average city pony, and his days at Baleston University. Baleston, yeah its Boston, get over it haha. Really though, I'm just enjoying writing this. This is my rapping oc, and it has my many musical friends strewn throughout it. I hope you enjoy it for what its worth, and maybe find some lessons in it along the way.
Characters will be added as the story progresses. Don't worry, we've got some cannon characters haha. Also, i'll change the image when I get around to it.

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a story i originally planned on using for The Album, however we decided it was too out of the ordinary for the compilation and it was kicked. i completely agree with that decision, and though im sad to have it not included, totally understand. so im putting it up here now. enjoy!
(most likely will stay complete....though i may do something with this in the future, who knows with my erratic writing schedule....)

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A stallion is thrust into the griffon's world of political intrigue and deception. In fact, he's the main target. He doesn't really know why, but what he does know is that he has to get home. His sister is in danger, and he'll do anything to save her. Gilda is lost in her emotions, unsure about her last encounter with Dash, and currently drowning herself in beer. Will her new mission bring her out of her slump, or throw her further in? Will the stallion make it home or will the griffons get him first?

Notes: This story takes place in the universe of Colors, check out my other works if you wish to learn more.
You DO NOT need to read Colors to enjoy this story. There are some references to the events of its universe, mainly why the stallion is there, but nothing that won't be explained further in this story itself.
Character tags will be added when appropriate
(Anyone want to make a picture for this?).

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There are several ponies out there whose true stories need to be told. A few ponies, that some others never even knew existed. This is an sequel of sorts to Colors of A New World. It will include a variety of stories from the ponies after Drumroll left.

Read this:
-For those who haven't read Colors, this might come off as a bit of a spoiler...plus really confusing. Read and interpret at your own risk.
-These stories are all in the same universe, yes.
-Last note. This is not labeled human like Colors is because that fact is unimportant here and thus irrelevant.

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This world, its so different. The colors, they're so bright, so vivid in my mind. Where am I? WHAT am I? And dear god, how did I get here? "....." Who said that? Oh please, someone give me answers!

How would you feel if you woke up in a new place, a new body, a new world, with no idea of how you got there? What's more, you wake up in a bed lying next to your favorite pony. Your mind is jumbled, your thoughts unclear, and you act only on colorful instinct. Well, that is what happened to me. And now, I'm here in Ponyville, with no clue as to what I am or what I need to do. How do I get home, and what will the other ponies think of a stallion like me? Oh yeah, and how am I gonna survive if Rainbow Dash finds me?

Please leave a like/dislike if you've read. I'd appreciate it.

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The is a small book about each of the wonderful ponies in Ponyville and the true joys of friendship they have experienced over the course of their lives. Each pony has a unique story to tell, and each one opens up new worlds for everypony to think about and enjoy.

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