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The Flame Strikes Back · 6:45am Dec 25th, 2015

Ha, star wars jokes...i'm so funny.

In all seriousness, after leaving the brony fandom for so long, leaving so many friends, enimies, and random people i replied to in comment sections, I have decided to return! That's it. That's all. There's nothing else.

Also, i might write a story. Bye!

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Thanks for faving The Best of Both Worlds! i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq260/spacewings/RumbleWet_zps6564ca82.png If I may ask, what specifically did you enjoy about it?


I'm glad you enjoyed my story Wonder-Breezies. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch, mate! :pinkiehappy:

765321 welcome!inparticarly i'm not into clops but this is interesting

Thanks for the fave on Non Escape Artists?:yay:

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