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what should i even put for this?


There are several ponies out there whose true stories need to be told. A few ponies, that some others never even knew existed. This is an sequel of sorts to Colors of A New World. It will include a variety of stories from the ponies after Drumroll left.

Read this:
-For those who haven't read Colors, this might come off as a bit of a spoiler...plus really confusing. Read and interpret at your own risk.
-These stories are all in the same universe, yes.
-Last note. This is not labeled human like Colors is because that fact is unimportant here and thus irrelevant.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 6 )

Absolutely loving your writing style here! Just one thing though... I think you misspelt 'danger' by leaving out the r and it looks really awkward. Thumbs (or Hooves) up from me! That plus FIRST! :trollestia:

635463 hey thanks a lot! im glad you like it so much :pinkiehappy:
just so you know, its supposed to be spelled like that. its pronounced...hmm, how to write this. i dunno how to type out toe pronunciation, just say 'danger' with out the 'er' sounds, so, Dange. when Colors gets a bit further along it will make sense.
again though, much appreciation. if you enjoyed this, im sure youll love my other stuff :twilightsmile:

love this... i'm working on your picture btw... sorry it took so long, but hopefully i can get it done pretty soon along with the tons of other bronycon stuff... yay...

This is very good I eagerly wait to see what happens next

971896 aw Spec, ya make me feel special :twilightsmile:

WOW!! nice chapter I hope drumroll talks to Scoots next

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