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    Alone together at the mysterious Seawall, on the edge of the known world, two ponies will help each other share what it means to be a pegasus, unicorn, or earth pony - and the painful wedges those things can create.
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My name is Sunburst, and I live my life alone, because I prefer it that way.

Not everypony does.

For some ponies, in fact, that's more like a long slow death sentence.

I've received orders to a posting as a royal guard. My duty as a member of the guard is to protect the princess. Traditionally, that's taken to mean against physical threats. Less traditionally, I'm coming to a realization that it may mean assisting in other ways - maybe even in ways she's not aware that she needs. Normally I would say it's not our place to intervene in personal matters. But when you see as plain as the hoof in front of your face that something is wrong, sometimes it finally brings you to the point at which standing by and doing nothing is simply no longer an option.

Day by day, I'm getting closer to that point.

I may have to make a hard decision. I don't know if this is right or wrong. All I know is that watching my princess suffer is impossible to bear when I'm supposed to be protecting her.

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Um quick question are all of the chapters gonna be written in sunbursts journal or diary

Comment posted by Unbridled Dolly deleted Apr 13th, 2014

4227626 Yes. The story is told as recorded by her, from her perspective. Without spoiling anything, there's a reason for this that'll become clear at the end.

You know, I've been avoiding this story for narry a week now...
After reading this first chapter, though, I can see how much of a fool I've been....
This is written rather well, and is quite a good read.
So far......

It actually feels like I'm reading a journal.
I'm really starting to like this story.

Well, that was unexpected...
I didn't think the main character was a mare.
Not too supprised, but I certainly didn't see it coming easily enough.....

This is a good story.
Have a like and a fav.
And a moustache too. :moustache:

Why does this give me the feeling that Rarity died?
Good chapter, still.....

Will we ever find out what Dash was crying about? Next chapter maybe?

4245899 Next chapter will get into it. It'll be posted on Saturday.

Chapter too short. Hmph. I want to read more. More soon? :applecry:

4258932 Yes, more soon! The update schedule for this story should be pretty quick paced, for at least the next few chapters (they're already written, but I need to leave myself some time between each one for final revision and review).

The next part is going to be one of the longest chapters, as well as having some major plot-advancing content, so I think you'll like it.

Good chapter, quick update. Cool.

Dangerous thinking.... Dangerous indeed.... Especially if the journal falls into the wrong hooves.....

You are pacing this very well... narrator voice is unique, interesting, and compelling to read:pinkiesmile:... very well done! :pinkiehappy: I always try to give feedback on which chapter gives a fave, and for this story it is this chapter. Looking forward to the rest.

Oooh... the plot thickens. I think. :unsuresweetie:

Very philosophical chapter. Sunburst is a mare, right?


4295972 The update schedule will be pretty quick from here on out. I've finished writing the story at this point, I just want to leave a little bit of buffer time between publishing chapters and not dump it all out at once.

I must be tired, I saw your comment and went *heh*

Fandom slang :facehoof:

Will there be a happy ending?

4307515 All will be revealed by the end of this weekend. The remaining chapters will be published by then. :)

This has been, so far, my favorite chapter.

Is it done? Do we find out what happens with Dash and Twilight?

4318549 Suspenseful, isn't it?
Find out this weekend!

4319213 Meanie. You're making me wait. I dislike you until I find out what happens. Hmph.

Yayyy! Happy ending! :pinkiehappy: Will there be any more?

4329528 Story's not marked complete yet! One more tomorrow.

Awwww... they lived happily ever after. :twilightsmile:

This is a great fic, original (I haven't read another similar), thanks for write it.

4367338 You're welcome! It was a very enjoyable writing project that went by at a nice quick pace, so I think I probably enjoyed writing it as much as you did reading it. Glad you liked it.

I must say, now that I've finally gotten around to reading it, this was quite possibly the best thing I've read in a while. It was beautifully written, and had a pretty unique perspective that really added to the story. Sunburst was a very interesting, likable character, and I just loved the way you related her personality to the way Twilight and Rainbow were feeling. A marvelous story. I am glad to have read it.


I don't care much for intra-mane6 ships, but even with that subtracted this was beautifully written. Very interesting and sympathetic protagonist; I hope you find something more to do with her.

Oh god. My heart. This fic.


Yes. Yes. Five yeses. Yes.

I'm so happy to have had a friend recommend this to me. The writing here was beautiful from the voice of Sunburst to the imagery of the roses and the Seawall to the romance of Twilight and Rainbow. It captivated me from the first chapter to the very end. The romance was honest and beautiful. And, as a TwiDash fan, I'm going to say that my favourite part about this entire fic was Sunburst herself. It's rare to see a well-written OC, and even rarer still to find one so relatble as Sunburst was. I found myself clicking the next chapter button just so I could read more of her voice.

It's been a while since I've been so excited about a fic (let alone a TwiDash fic). Thank you for writing this, it was... well, for lack of a better word (and forgive the repetition), beautiful.

After reading this, I have to wonder just why I've put this fic off for so long; it's been in my read later since the first chapter was published. I guess, like those roses, Timaeus's insistance was the kick in the flank I needed to finally sit down and give this story the read it deserves.

I'm generally not one for reading letter/journal-based work—be it fanfiction or published works—but I have to say that I enjoyed every moment of this story. From Sunburst's characterization, to her issues and problems, she is a teriffic OC; one I hope any OC writer takes notes on.

As far as Twilight and Dash's situation goes, bravo. Just bravo. I could go on and on, but I'm writing this comment on my phone and I don't really have the luxury of rereading what I've written.

Keep writing, though; I'll be watching.

Sheesh. This is beautiful. We've always loved symbolism and analogies. Especially color based ones. Everything here works. It flows. It exudes meaning. What kept us from reading this, we know not. But whatever it is, we're glad we overcame it.

So this is what it's like to read a well done story told in second person. Wait, is this second person? Or is that where the story not only acknowledges the reader, but puts the reader in the plot? Either way, this is a very hard format to pull off, and you're doing it here with flying colors!

4285103 4307343 Of course the plot thickens! With all those greasy hay burgers, how could it not!:rainbowlaugh:

This... is beautiful in the highest order. Just as Twilight and Rainbow love each other, we love this story.

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