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A visitor shows up in Ponyville for the annual Running of the Leaves. Applejack and Rainbow Dash watch him practice, shocked by his incredible speed. Does the stallion have some sort of unfair advantage? Should they try to make friends and learn his secret, or get him disqualified?

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 21 )

Hmmmm, didn't I see this before? Well, I guess I'll find out


This could be interesting...

Now if this was a different author, I'd see the description and then run, but not before writing it off as some crappy OC fic.
With you, though?
Could be interesting.

What is this? Was I reading something of yours? *looks back over tab* Ah. Troublemaker. okay then.

Well well well I must now read and feedback

Okay I read it. Can't wait for the race... or is there going to be a race... *checks TOC* nope... interesting choice for a finish. I loved it

Pretty straight forward. No big surprises.
I don't really feel one way or the other about it, but I can tell it was very well written and thought out. Good job.

Oh my god, it's Pony NASCAR!


I still want to know who won. :twilightoops:
Oh well. :twilightsmile:

Huh, nicely set-up and a moderately quick read. Again liking the sharing of inspiration, and those are the only cars I would ever desire to race on asphalt with. Kinda surprised that Rainbow thought of the cone idea and not that of a suit to bring down drag(or AJ really). Its surprising due to AJ pointing out trying her mane & tail and yet no-one thought to cover the entire body, including head in a flesh/fur-tight hood, in sleek material.
Oh well, twas still a good story!

Ah, Vector's a smart pony. Rainbow Dash. Physics 101. Now. :rainbowhuh:

Have to see where this goes. I'm putting my money on tied wings, removing Vector's main advantage, and then the race is pretty much even with an epic 3-way race to the finish.

This is looking really good.


Ooooh, come oooon... You know it was at least a little funny... :rainbowlaugh:

"But yes, she had been working on getting her heart rate up, usually late at night when Rainbow was asleep."


That was great, thanks! :pinkiesmile:

Short and simple. I'd call it fluff, but fluff is "Luna Eats an Oreo"--this was just a change of pace.

Well done!

Nice story, but it seems like you couldn't make up your mind about Vector. Earlier, he's complaining to Twilight that there's no real competition. Then he's saying he's in the Running of the Leaves to relax. I don't much care for him, honestly. All his remarks about "no real competition" are just plain rude, whether or not the race is serious. I was rooting for him to lose just out of spite.

However, it's a good lesson, and RD and AJ are in-character. Good show. :twilightsmile:

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